2015 Steering Committee Rotation Process

Timeline and Process for the 2015 Government Steering Committee Election


In 2015, the governments on the Open Government Partnership Steering Committee will rotate for the second time since OGP was launched in September 2011.  As the number of countries participating in OGP has grown – from the founding 8 to 65 today – it has become increasingly important to offer leadership opportunities to a wider group of governments.  New members of the Steering Committee will bring fresh perspective to discussions, and allow OGP to deepen engagement in new parts of the world.  In 2014 three new governments joined the OGP Steering Committee in a special election. The 2015 election will be the first regular rotation of the Steering Committee, in which three governments will be elected for three-year terms.

This page describes how governments can stand for election in the 2015 rotation, and explains the process for selecting governments on the Steering Committee.  Current Steering Committee members are asked to approach possible candidates and ensure regional diversity in the composition of the final candidate list.  

In 2015 up to three governments will be selected as a part of the election process, with two current members term-limited.  In 2015, both the Philippines and Tanzania finish special one-year terms.  They can stand again in 2016 for full three year terms if they wish. Indonesia is finishing an extended first term due to their co-chair role (and subsequent troika year), so may choose to run for a second term in the 2015 election.



April 23, 2015

SC agrees on who will serve as the next government chair of OGP after South Africa.

May 5, 2015

Open nomination period begins; application requirements posted on OGP website.

  June 5, 2015

    Deadline for governments that wish to run to submit their application letters to the Support Unit.

By June 15,


Support Unit reviews applicants to confirm eligibility and shares with the Governance and Leadership subcommittee which officially approves the list.  Support Unit posts the list of candidate governments (that meet the requirements) and their application letters on the OGP website.

July 1, 2015

 Voting period opens. Support Unit sends directions on how to vote.

 July 31, 2015 at 8pm EDT

Voting closes.

No late ballots will be accepted.

August 4, 2015

Results of Steering Committee elections announced.

October 1, 2015

Term for new SC members officially begins.

October 2015

Steering Committee meeting with incoming and outgoing members.


Governments Applying to Join the SC in 2015:

Name of Country Application Letter Region Ministerial Representative Ministry Letter of Intent to Join OGP No. of Action Plans IRM Reports Self-Assessments Point of Contact
Chile Click here to view Americas Jorge Insunza General Secretariat of the Presidency September 2011 Two: 2012-13, 2014-16 One: 2012-13 One: 2012-13 Francisco Sánchez, fsanchez@minsegpres.gob.cl
Indonesia Click here to view Asia Andrinof A. Chaniago Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) N/A Three: 2012-13, 2013, 2014-15 Two: 2012-13, 2013 One: 2012-13 Yanuar Nugroho, yanuar.nugroho@gmail.com
Romania Click here to view Europe Radu Puchiu Prime Minister's Chancellery September 2011 Two: 2012-13, 2014-16 One: 2012-13 One: 2012-13 Radu Puchiu, radu.puchiu@gov.ro
Sierra Leone Click here to view Africa Khadija Sesay Office of the President October 2013 One: 2014-16 N/A N/A Yeama Thompson, yeama.thompson@gmail.com
Tunisia Click here to view (second page) Africa Ahmed Zarrouk Presidency of the Government December 2013 One: 2014-16 N/A N/A Khaled Sellami, khaled.sellami@pm.gov.tn


Frequently Asked Questions


Are all governments eligible to run for a seat on the SC?

Only OGP participating governments that meet the following criteria can run for the SC:

To be eligible for election participating OGP countries must:

1.  Have improved or maintained their eligibility score since submitting a letter of intent to join OGP.

2.  Have published all OGP required documents (action plans, self-assessment reports, etc.) within a month of deadlines.

3.  Have acted in accordance with the Open Government Declaration.

Current SC members running for reelection (applies only to Indonesia) must have:

4. Provided financial support to OGP (except in cases of extreme financial hardship).

5. Regularly attended and participated actively in Steering Committee meetings and subcommittee meetings.


How many governments from each region can serve on the SC together?

A maximum of four governments and a minimum of one government can serve on the Steering Committee from each of the four regions OGP uses (Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe).  If one region has four governments already on the SC, no others can be elected.  If one region has three governments  on, only one more can be elected from the same region.  For this election both the Americas and Europe have three governments represented, so only one additional government can be elected from each region.  

Governments unsure of their regional classification can consult this page at the UN Statistics Division for clarification: http://unstats.un.org/unsd/methods/m49/m49regin.htm.


How should the application letter be formatted?  

The letter should be addressed to the four OGP Co-Chairs (see here) and should include details of the candidate government, its track record in open government related issues, a statement of intent on how it plans to contribute to OGP’s leadership, and what strengths it would bring to the SC.


How will the voting actually occur?

All governments will be sent a complete list of candidate governments in advance of the voting period (by email), and will have one month to complete their ballot online.  Governments must rank their preferences from first to last, but do not need to rank all options.  


Who should I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions, please contact Jack Mahoney (Jack.Mahoney@opengovpartnership.org).