Challenges and Solutions

Stories about the challenges OGP champions, action plans, processes, or other stakeholders face in achieving open government. These are stories that do not have a clear protagonist (Champion) or evidence of 'Impact'. They are also not strictly an update on the promises of an Action Plan (Pledge) unless contextualized within a specific challenge.

11 January 2017

The Future of Open Government

If the last five years of the open government movement has seen a huge amount of activity - including the creation of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), and the rapid development of the open data agenda - how will we define the next five years? The UK Government hosted a panel on the future of open government at the OGP Summit which attempted to answer that question.

Martin Tisné moderated a panel of experts from across the open government movement, organised by the UK’s Cabinet Office, to try and forecast the next phase for the movement.

9 January 2017

Morocco opendata visualization engine

Open Data enables governments, businesses and entrepreneurs around the world to act as a catalyst and tool for social and economic change in diverse sectors. In Morocco in order to realize the  full potential of Open Data, a Civic Tech organization built Marocviz,  a visualization platform for Morocco’s public data. The platform,  makes information accessible and digestible with narrative visualizations.

6 January 2017

Value for money: Costing Open Government reforms

Ongoing research suggests that open government reforms—those that promote transparency, participation, and accountability—may lead to better development outcomes if properly implemented by governments. However, governments must navigate the myriad of initiative options as they strive to improve citizens’ quality of life and achieve the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Without a rough idea of the potential costs and benefits different reforms might offer, how can governments allocate their resources efficiently?

5 January 2017

Leave no trace? How to combat off the record government

When we think of government record keeping it often conjures up images of dusty archives stuffed with crumbling paper documents. 

While historical archives are a rich part of our cultural heritage, there are many day-to-day reasons why we should care about how governments and public bodies currently make and keep records of their actions and decisions.


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