Challenges and Solutions

Stories about the challenges OGP champions, action plans, processes, or other stakeholders face in achieving open government. These are stories that do not have a clear protagonist (Champion) or evidence of 'Impact'. They are also not strictly an update on the promises of an Action Plan (Pledge) unless contextualized within a specific challenge.

24 February 2017

Pourquoi le système d’information actuel du plan d’action est dépassé et comment l’actualiser ?

Avec environ  2700  engagements des plans d’action pour 75 pays – chiffres étant appelés à augmenter d’ailleurs  – il n’y a qu’un seul recours pour le traitement de ces actes: la technologie.  

Or le système actuel de traitement de ces plans d’action—c’est-à-dire l'ensemble des procédures (manuelles ou informatiques) permettant de recueillir, de traiter et de diffuser les données relatives au plan d'action—est dépassé et sa mise à jour est délicate.

5 February 2017

Declaración de París - 20 Acciones Colectivas para Acelerar al Gobierno Abierto

La Cumbre Global de París movilizó a la sociedad civil y a los gobiernos para crear productos concretos

La cuarta Cumbre Global de la Alianza para el Gobierno Abierto (OGP por sus siglas en inglés) se llevó a cabo en París en diciembre de 2016. Este evento multilateral reunió a doce jefes de Estado, cientos de organizaciones de la sociedad civil y 4000 delegados de 140 países para el diseño colectivo del futuro de la democracia. Durante la Cumbre, actores de gobierno abierto de todo el mundo compartieron su visión y proyectos a lo largo de 300 eventos.

3 February 2017

Being Bold: Turning ideas into Action

There are few that would disagree that a world free from poverty and injustice would require transformational change. We see leaders, government and non-government organisations, multi-lateral institutions make recurrent commitments towards such an end. While the idea of ending poverty is not controversial, how one does it certainly is. One prominent approach towards ending poverty entails participatory democracy.

3 February 2017

Paris Declaration: 20 Collective Actions to Accelerate Open Government

The Global Summit in Paris mobilized civil society and governments around concrete deliverables

The fourth Open Government Partnership Global Summit took place in Paris in December 2016. This unique multilateral event brought together a dozen Heads of State, hundreds of civil society organizations and 4000 delegates from 140 countries, gathered to collectively design the future of democracy. During the Summit, 300 events let open government actors from around the world share their vision and projects.

31 January 2017

Making the Case for Open Contracting in Healthcare Procurement

Healthcare and public procurement both suffer from high levels of corruption and the point at which they converge, procurement within healthcare, is an acute vulnerability that is routinely exploited. But governments and civil society organisations are now taking action to protect the lives of citizens by implementing open contracting.

26 January 2017

Raising the Open Government Bar: Changes to Canada's Access to Information Act

Carleton University undergraduate students in Ottawa, Canada, are studying the link between communication and open government. In the class, the students examine how communication can be used to improve governance and to foster a more collaborative relationship between governments and citizens. This series of blog posts is related to a range of topics concerning the issues that challenge open government.


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