German grand coalition might agree on joining the OGP

Since the first countries joined to the OGP in September 2011 an open NGO working group on OGP Germany repeatedly called on the German government to join the OGPSo far, the German government did not listen to the working group’s endeavours and denied the necessity of the OGP for Germany. Last month the working group presented a OGP implementation concept to the government and all parliamentary parties. Now, after many discussions with members from political parties and committees, there are signs that the decision if Germany will join the OGP within the next 4 years will be made in the current coalition negotiations.

If one looks at an unofficial draft of the coalition agreement, the following sentence can be found:

The federal government is aiming to join the international Open Government Partnership initiative.

However it is still not sure yet, if the sentence will be in the final version of the coalition agreement. We hereby ask the coalition parties to make a strong commitment on transparency and accountability by writing this sentence into the final coalition agreement which will be completed within the next few weeks.

Disclaimer: Christian Heise is member of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany ( ), a founding member of the German working group “Open Government Partnership” ( ) and was a delegate at the OGP Summit 2013.

Photo credit: Berlin Reichstag via Wikimedia Commons



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