OGP's Independent Reporting Mechanism releases a beta version of data from first 43 IRM assessments

OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism is proud to release a beta version of the data from the first 43 IRM assessments.

The release comes on the eve of the OGP Steering Committee Meeting (in Bali, Indonesia), the OGP Asia Regional Meeting (in Bali as well) and the OGP Europe Regional Meeting (in Dublin, Ireland). It is hoped that everyone interested in OGP will use the data to take a fresh look at countries of interest, see where the trends lie, and see if there are lessons to be learned.

The data is available through two databases. The first is the compiled database of all 958 commitments or actions analyzed as part of the IRM process. The second database consists of information on how well each of the OGP participating governments participated in the OGP process as well as the existing institutional arrangements for OGP at the time of publication.  A detailed Data Guide with explanations of variables, provenance, and potential can be found here.

The data is taken directly from the Public Comment Version for reports without editing. Readers and users are asked to refer to these documents for context and further explanations of variables.

Comments are welcome on the data or the accompanying Data Guide at



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