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La Cumbre Global de París movilizó a la sociedad civil y a los gobiernos para crear productos concretos

Aunque el video tomado por un celular se vea movido, no hay duda de lo que está ocurriendo: ésta es una escena preocupantemente común.

En febrero de 2016, el Subcomité de Criterios y Estándares encargó a la Unidad de Apoyo y al IRM reformular los lineamientos de consulta de OGP. Un año después, nos complace anunciar los nuevos Estándares de Participación y Cocreación:

Los nuevos estándares fueron desarrollados con tres objetivos:

We are excited to announce the new OGP ‘Participation and Co-creation Standards and Guidelines,’ that will be used from now on by all OGP participating countries to guide the development, implementation and (self-)assessment of National Action Plans.

2016 was an extraordinarily rich year for OGP.  We celebrated 41 new national OGP action plans, expanded to our first group of subnational participants, had rich regional meetings in Cape Town, Montevideo and Manila, celebrated our 5th anniversary at UNGA, and hosted a major Global Summit, where OGP’s geopolitical role became more prominent than ever in light of dramatic global events.

The Open Government Partnership is a little over five years old. It has expanded rapidly from 8 founding governments to 75 today, and 15 subnational governments. Thousands of civil society organizations are now using OGP to co-create reform commitments with their governments, and to advocate for their issues.

The content of this month’s OGP news coverage spanned a vast array of topics from shifting political orders, to open source debates in Taiwan and France, and renewed support for open government policies in Latin America.

Country: Latvia
Action Plan: 2015-17
Commitment 6: Establish a sustainable model of funding non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

How did you get involved in open government? What in your background inspired you to work in this field?

If I were to provide a short answer regarding my involvement in the open government concept, then it would be “simple and spontaneous” but certainly not “by accident".

The mobile phone footage may be shaky, but there is no doubt about what is happening – and it’s a disturbingly familiar scene.