Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 7:45pm to 8:45pm
Parallel Session Room 7

Public-Private Partnerships to Support Open Government

Around the world businesses are helping to develop innovative new ways of increasing government transparency and accountability. This session aims to:

·         Highlight innovative partnerships between the public and private sectors that use technology to assist transparent and accountable government and citizen engagement;

·         Highlight ways that the private sector and civil society can work together to increase government accountability

·         Encourage leadership from the private sector to work with governments and civil society to advance the OGP’s goals    

·         Explore incentives, motivations and obstacles to robust engagement by the private sector in support of OGP; 

Spur new ideas for how governments, corporations and civil society may partner to advance transparent and accountable government.

This discussion will provide a starting point for the first meeting of the Ad hoc task team to explore ways of incorporating the private sector into the OGP in the future.


·         Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Chairman, Open Data Institute


·         Oliver Bell, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft

·         Juliana Rotich, Ushahidi and iHub Kenya

·         Nigel Sizer, Director, Forest Initiative and Global Forest Watch 2.0, World Resources Institute


·         Lawrence Sperling, Senior Advisor, Global Partnership Initiative, U.S. Department of


Empowering Citizens