The OGP Summit is about much more than inspiring talks. Over the two days of the Summit, the QEII Conference Centre will be turned into a festival of open government. Away from the main auditoriums, a host of leading thinkers and organisations from around the world, from governments, civil society and business, will be showcasing their work, sharing their wisdom and helping to create new ideas and connections.  Below is a taste of what the OGP Summit festival will offer to participants, grouped under four themes. The themes are:

Learn: A chance for participants to learn from leading thinkers and practitioners in open government in an informal setting. The full agenda can be downloaded at the link below:

View the full agenda

Explore: An exhibition of inspiring organisations and initiatives committed to open government. Exhibitors will cluster around curved pods, encouraging participants to engage with them through visual displays and interactive installations. Governments, civil society and business will all be represented, with probable exhibitors including the likes of:

  • Ciudadano Inteligente
  • Map Kibera
  • Government of Moldova
  • Government of South African
  • Government of UK
  • United Nations Development Programme
  • Wikimedia UK
  • Young Rewired State
  • Large and small technology businesses

Make: The festival will bring together creative minds from across the open government world and give participants the chance to work together to solve problems in a live setting. Activities include the following:

  • A tech camp style policy hacks delivered in collaboration by the US government
  • Live workshop delivered by UK based Makerversity
  • Scribble boards for sharing bright ideas

Connect: With over 1,000 participants coming to London for the OGP Summit, a major aim of the festival is to provide as many rich opportunities for meeting and working with new people as possible. This will be delivered through:

  • Dedicated networking spaces where participants can chat and arrange impromptu gatherings
  • Tours of the most exciting parts of the festival along particular themes
  • Video interviews by US based GovLab, creating a record of the hottest topics being talked about in open government today