Develop a National Action Plan

National Action Plans

OGP participating countries will co-create a National Action Plan (NAP) with civil society. Action plans should cover a two-year period and consist of a set of commitments that advance transparency, accountability, participation and/or technological innovation.

On this page are guides to developing OGP action plans. You can refer to the National Action Plans Guidance Note that's available in the PoC Manual (español).

OGP participating countries operate on a two-year NAP calendar cycle, in which there are no gaps between the end of the last action plan and the beginning of the new one.

This means every country will be implementing a NAP at all times, although individual commitments still vary in length. In order to achieve this, countries will draft their new NAPs during the last six months of implementation of the previous NAP. All NAPs should cover a period of implementation of a minimum of 18 months, although individual commitments may vary in length. We strongly recommend that each action plan contain between 5 and 15 ambitious commitments

Countries, with the active involvement of civil society, are encouraged to tackle new and ambitious commitments as well as build upon past successes. Effective public consultation process during the development of action plans can help build broad support for commitments with a wider set of actors to rely on for successful implementation.

Guidance on conducting public consultation can be found here.