Self-Assessment Process

Self-Assessment Reports are a key element of the Open Government Partnership accountability mechanism.  During the two-year National Action Plan (NAP) cycle, governments will produce yearly Self-Assessment Reports. In order to minimize the administrative burden, the two Self-Assessment Reports will have similar content to one another, differing primarily in the time period covered. The Midterm Self-Assessment should focus on the development of the NAP, consultation process, relevance and ambitiousness of the commitments, and progress to date. The End of Term Self-Assessment should focus on the final results of the reforms completed in the NAP, consultation during implementation, and lessons learned. The development of the Self-Assessment Reports must include a two-week public consultation period as stipulated in OGP Guidelines.


Click here to see if your country has produced a self-assessment report.  

For guidance on drafting your Self-Assessment, please check the PoC Manual here (español).