Voices from the Summit

20 December 2016

Germany Joins the OGP with Government and Civil Society on Board

Germany finally joined the Open Government Partnership on December 7th. Enthusiasm about Germany taking this step is high, since German civil society has been advocating for it since 2011. Though it had already been included into the coalition agreement by the current government in 2013, civil society had to wait until today to see it happening. Nevertheless, governmental activities in different areas suggest that "openness" has finally risen on Germany's agenda as a whole.
19 December 2016

The Future of Open Government

More than 4,000 people gathered in Paris from 7-9th December for the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit 2016 hosted by the Government of France. OGP is a unique partnership dedicated to making government decision making more open, inclusive and responsive. Summit attendees included representatives from 80 governments, many of them heads of state and senior ministers; leaders from cities, municipalities and regions; and leading civil society organizations from around the world.

12 December 2016

Open government reformers warn of growing dangers to democracy

Democracy is at risk. Authoritarianism is rising. Populism is upending the political order. Spaces for civil society are closing. Those are the somber messages that arose again and again at the first day of the annual Open Government Partnership Summit, a global conference that convened thousands of activists and officials in Paris.


Where previous annual conferences have featured optimistic reflections upon the world and the arc of its politics on stage, with undercurrents of warnings from journalists and advocates about restrictions, surveillance and ongoing secrecy...

9 December 2016

The open government partnership offers an opportunity to respond to the global crisis of legitimacy of political power

The last year has been marked by a global rise of populist political projects, carrying nationalist aspirations of closed borders and ultimately revealing the deep mistrust of political elites and traditional government institutions. Globally, electoral defeats of liberal parties have brought to light the often overlooked social discontent that led to citizens rejecting traditional decision making elites.

9 December 2016

Les villes intègrent l’Open Government Partnership

Une petite révolution démocratique est en marche. Certains d’entre vous connaissent déjà l’Open Government Partnership (OGP), cette organisation d’Etats et de représentants de la société civile effectuant un travail remarquable pour faire progresser la transparence de l'action publique et la participation citoyenne.

9 December 2016

Deutschland ist jetzt Teil der Open Government Partnership (OGP): Regierung und Zivilgesellschaft sind im selben Boot

Die deutsche Zivilgesellschaft schaut auf den OGP Gipfel in Paris mit hohen Erwartungen, weil Deutschland am 7. Dezember schließlich offiziell Teil der internationalen Partnerschaft für mehr Transparenz, Bürgerbeteiligung, weniger Korruption und innovativen Regierungsansätze wird. Bundesinnenminister Thomas de Maizière ist zum Gipfel angereist, um die deutsche Teilnahme zu erklären.
9 December 2016

Cities Join the Open Government Partnership

A miniature democratic revolution is underway. Some of you are already familiar with the Open Government Partnership (OGP), or this organisation of governments and civil society organizations doing remarkable work to advance openness in government and citizen engagement. 

9 December 2016

To Fight Our Culture War, We Need Civic Participation

From December 7 - 9, Paris will host a worldwide gathering of government reformers and civil society organizations in the Open Government Partnership Summit. The attendees have all pledged to work together in genuine dialogue and collaboration in support of improved quality of governance and service delivery between governments and civil society.


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