OGP Support Unit

The OGP Support Unit is a small, permanent secretariat that works closely with the Steering Committee to advance the goals of the Open Government Partnership.  The Support Unit is designed to maintain institutional memory, manage OGP’s external communications, ensure the continuity of organizational relationships with OGP’s partners, and support the broader membership.  The Support Unit serves as a neutral, third-party between governments and civil society organizations, ensuring that OGP maintains the productive balance between the two constituencies.


Sanjay Pradhan

Chief Executive Officer

Sanjay Pradhan joined the Open Government Partnership in May 2016 as Chief Executive Officer. Bringing a wealth of open government and innovation experience to the role, he previously served in three senior positions at the World Bank: as the Vice President for Leadership, Learning and Innovation, the Vice President of the World Bank Institute, and the Director for Governance. While at the World Bank, Mr. Pradhan tirelessly promoted open development. He led the WBG’s Governance and Anticorruption Strategy, launched the Global Partnership for Social Accountability, incubated ICT-mediated citizen feedback to improve governance, initiated Open Contracting with Partners, and rolled out a flagship Collaborative Leadership for Development program to help government and civil society leaders undertake collaborative actions. During his tenure at the World Bank, Sanjay gained extensive experience working in Africa, South Asia, Europe and Central Asia.

Mr. Pradhan is a global spokesperson and distinguished speaker on open governance and anticorruption issues, appearing in major world forums including the European Parliament, the BBC World Debate and the TED Global Conference. He has published widely, and was a principal author of the 1997 World Development Report, The State in a Changing World. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy and a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.


Joseph Powell

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Joe Powell joined the Open Government Partnership Support Unit in May 2013 as Deputy Director. He previously worked for the ONE Campaign, where he was managing ONE's global campaign for increased transparency in the extractive industries. As Senior Policy and Advocacy Manager at ONE, Joe also led global advocacy on the G20 and policy development for the 2013 G8. Prior to working at ONE Joe was based in Uganda, where he launched an online current affairs platform called ‘Uganda Talks' for the Independent, a weekly East African news magazine, and worked for Action Aid Uganda. He also studied at Makerere University. Joe holds a BA from the University of Cambridge.

Joe can be reached @josephpowell on Twitter or by email at Joe.Powell@opengovpartnership.org 


Diana Leckie

Executive Assistant

Diana joined the Open Government Partnership as Executive Assistant in April 2016.  She supports the Chief Executive Officer and assists the Management team.  Prior to joining OGP, she worked at the Freedom Forum and Newseum where she was responsible for the organization of international media forums, management of scholarships and journalism conferences for high school seniors, and development of business partnerships with hotels in the D.C. metropolitan region. During her term at the American Medical Student Association, Diana was involved in fundraising activities and planned the logistics of the 62nd General Assembly of the International Federation of Medical Students Association.  Recently, she worked at the World Bank assisting the Vice President of Leadership, Learning and Innovation. Diana holds a B.S. degree in Agricultural Business at the University of the Philippines and Marketing Management in Delft University.

Diana can be reached at diana.leckie@opengovpartnership.org.

Suzanne Cunningham

Research Associate

Suzanne Cunningham joined the Support Unit in June 2016 as a Research Associate. Prior to OGP, Suzanne worked as a Program Development Associate supporting business development for a DC-based non-profit. She has also worked as the Visits and Visibility Coordinator for refugee camps and host communities with UNICEF/Jordan, where she collaborated with UN agencies, implementing partners, and governments to support fundraising and advocacy efforts for the Syria Regional Refugee Response Plan. Originally from Austin, Texas, Suzanne has lived in 10 countries in Northern Africa, Central America, South Asia, and Western Europe. She holds an MSc in Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a BA in International Studies from American University.

Suzanne can be reached at suzanne.cunningham@opengovpartnership.org 

Civil Society Engagement

Paul Maassen

Director for Civil Society Engagement

Paul Maassen started working with the Open Government Partnership in June 2012. He is the Director for Civil Society Engagement, a program of work that has its origins in the team of independent civil society coordinators that merged with the Support Unit in 2014. The team aims to broaden and deepen civil society engagement in OGP. In practice this means making sure that civil society across the globe understands the basics and potential of OGP and is supported in using it to realize the reforms they are advocating for. Paul has a long track record in the role technology and media can play in changing people's lives and the societies they live in. Prior to joining OGP Paul worked as Head of Finance and Partnerships for WWF International' Global Climate & Energy Initiative, working primarily with WWF offices in emerging economies to strengthen the design and sustainability of their programs. Before joining WWF Paul worked for 7 years with Dutch development organisation Hivos, as program manager for the global ICT & Media program. This is where he learned the ropes of being a funder and got a deep understanding of the complexities of realizing change in developing and repressive countries. Paul strongly believes in the potential of individuals to make a difference if they set their mind to it and get the tools – including technology – to realize their potential. He was also involved in the establishment of the East African citizen agency initiative Twaweza. Paul attained private sector experience with Dutch telecom company KPN. He holds an MSC in industrial engineering and management. Paul is based in Brussels.

Paul can be reached at Paul.Maassen@opengovpartnership.org

Shreya Basu

Regional Civil Society Coordinator for Asia Pacific

Shreya Basu is OGP’s Regional Civil Society Coordinator for Asia Pacific. Her role is to broaden and deepen civil society engagement in OGP in the region and support civil society organisations to use the OGP platform effectively in furthering their advocacy goals. Prior to joining OGP, Shreya managed the research and monitoring workstream for Publish What You Fund, successfully advocating for the world’s largest donor agencies to make their aid transparent. Prior to that, she worked with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore where she conducted research on public sector reforms in South and Southeast Asia. She has private sector experience delivering fraud risk management and anti-corruption compliance programs for clients across multiple industries. She is a graduate of Yale University’s Master’s in International Relations program. Shreya is based in Singapore. 

Shreya can be reached at Shreya.Basu@opengovpartnership.org

Tonusree Basu

Program Officer, Civil Society Engagement

As Program Officer, Tonu supports organizations advocating for socio-economic and political reforms to engage with OGP. She also supports civil society in a subset of European countries. Tonu has consulted on various open government projects, including with Transparency for Development at the Harvard Kennedy School, UN Women, and the World Bank. She serves on the founding Executive Committee of SNS India, that promotes social accountability and citizen participation in policy, part of the National Campaign for People's Right to Information. Previously, Tonu managed the media and civic engagement program of India's independent parliamentary research initiative - PRS Legislative Research. She has also worked on public sector innovation, launching and managing a global policy and practitioner network based in San Francisco. She holds an MSc in Politics and Communication from the London School of Economics and an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, where she was a Public Service Fellow. 

Tonu can be reached at tonu.basu@opengovpartnership.org

Maureen Kariuki

Civil Society Coordinator for Africa and the Middle East

Maureen is OGP's Regional Civil Society Coordinator for Africa and the Middle East. As regional coordinator for these regions, she supports civil society organizations to engage more meaningfully and effectively with the OGP and push for the delivery of open government reforms in their countries.

Maureen is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya who has been working on the promotion of good governance in Africa since 2009. She previously worked with the United Nations Against Corruption (UNCAC) Coalition where she was engaged as Regional Coordinator for sub Saharan Africa; and the Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG) where she served as Programme Coordinator (Outreach). She holds a Bachelor's degree in Law; a Post Graduate Diploma in Law and a Master's Degree in International Relations.

Maureen can be reached at Maureen.Kariuki@opengovpartnership.org

Emilene Martínez Morales

Regional Civil Society Coordinator for Latin America

Emilene Martínez Morales joined the Open Government Partnership in September 2012 as the Civil Society Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean. She holds a BA in International Relations and an MA in International Studies from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. Since 2001, she has worked with a number of institutions, including the National Security Archive at the George Washington University; Fundar Center for Research and Analysis; the Council for Transparency in Chile; the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education; and the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE). As a consultant she has worked for Global Financial Integrity, the World Bank Institute, El Economista and The Carter Center. Emilene is the founder and is currently the Chair of the Board of the journalist network, “México Infórmate”.

Emilene can be reached at Emilene.Martinez@opengovpartnership.org

Peter Varga

Regional Civil Society Coordinator for Europe

Peter joined the Open Government Partnership in July 2016, as Regional Civil Society Coordinator for Europe. He supports civil society organisations across the continent in using the OGP platform more effectively to push for open government reforms and further their advocacy goals. Previously, he worked with Transparency International, supporting national chapters across the Nordic, Baltic and Central European regions, as well as devising the movement’s global internal communications policy. Earlier, Peter developed social enterprises and consulted on non-profit sustainability in emerging markets across Central Europe and Latin America, also piloting the world’s first LGBT venture philanthropy fund. He also gained private sector experience working for a global marketing agency. Peter was Fulbright Visiting Practitioner at Stanford University in 2011-2012, holds an MA in International Relations and European Studies from Central European University, and a BA in Political Science from Yale University. Currently based in Berlin, he is an avid reader of history books and a blessed cheesemaker.

Peter can be reached at peter.varga@opengovpartnership.org

Government Support and Exchange

Alonso Cerdan

Deputy Director of Government Support and Exchange

Alonso Cerdan joined the Open Government Partnership Support Unit in January 2014 as a Program Manager. He previously worked in the Mexican Ministry of Public Administration in the unit that oversaw all OGP activities, including drafting of three National Action Plans and as a representative for the Mexican Government at the Tripartite Technical Secretariat. Alonso is a founding member of GESOC, where he led the Public Management Program. He also has consulting experience in Mexican firms Gerencia Pública and Civicus, where he conducted projects for public and nonprofit organizations several areas. Alonso holds a BA in Public Administration from El Colegio de Mexico and an MPA from Manchester University.

Alonso can be reached at Alonso.Cerdan@opengovpartnership.org

Abhinav Bahl

Program Manager

Abhinav Bahl leads OGP’s peer learning end exchange program. He previously worked for Global Integrity managing their transparency and accountability policy research and outreach initiatives. Abhinav has also worked for the Commonwealth Secretariat's Governance and Institutional Development Division on public sector capacity-building programs across its 54 member states. Prior to his public policy career, Abhinav worked in the private sector as a management consultant specializing in risk management. He is a graduate of Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs.

Abhinav can be reached at Abhinav.Bahl@opengovpartnership.org

Theophilous Chiviru

Government Support & Exchange Officer for Africa

Theophilous Chiviru joined the OGP Support Unit in February 2017 as Government Support & Exchange Officer for Africa. He holds an honours degree in Development Studies from Midlands State University and an MPhil in Multidisciplinary Human Rights from the University of Pretoria. He has worked on research, advocacy and campaigns programs in the area of human rights, good governance and democracy; working for organisations such as Institute for Democracy in Africa (Idasa), Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Young Professional Research Initiative (YPRI), Save the Children Sweden and Save the Children International. Prior to joining OGP he was a Policy Manager for Transparency and Accountability at ONE Campaign leading their work in Africa.

Theophilous is driven by the need to strengthen and consolidate human rights, good and open governance through strong state institutions and a vibrant civic society that holds government accountable.

Brittany Giroux Lane

Program Manager, Subnational Government Pilot Program

Brittany is the Program Manager for the Subnational Pilot Program. Her primary focus is to support the OGP pilot of fifteen subnational governments and other local level reformers and civil society organizations to develop and implement ambitious OGP action plans. Prior to joining OGP, Brittany worked at the World Resources Institute and the Urban Institute on issues of local governance, urban planning, and urban service delivery. She holds an MSc in Urban Development Planning from the Development Planning Unit at University College London and a BA in Urban Studies and Politics, Philosophy & Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Brittany can be reached at Brittany.Lane@opengovpartnership.org

Jack Mahoney

Program Officer

Jack Mahoney is a Program Officer at the Open Government Partnership Support Unit and started with OGP in January 2013.  As a member of the Government Support and Exchange team,  Jack supports the points of contact in roughly 20 OGP participating governments, largely in Asia and Europe.  Prior to joining OGP, Jack worked for the governance program at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI).  He has also worked on Barack Obama's first Presidential campaign, and spent a year on a Fulbright grant in Surabaya, Indonesia.  Jack holds an MSc in Public Management and Governance from the London School of Economics, and a joint BA/BS in Religious Studies and Political Science from Santa Clara University.

Jack can be reached at Jack.Mahoney@opengovpartnership.org

Helen Turek

Program Officer

Helen joined the OGP Support Unit in January 2016 and works on the Government Support and Exchange team. Her primary focus is to provide guidance and assistance to approximately 20 governments across Europe and Africa, as well as facilitating exchange and learning between governments.

Prior to joining OGP, Helen worked at Transparency International. She lead several regional European projects on issues related to political corruption. Most recently she managed a project on lobbying, which aimed to bring greater transparency and ethics to political influence activities. She holds a BA in Russian and French and an MA in Politics, Security and Integration, both from University College London.

Helen can be reached at Helen.Turek@opengovpartnership.org


Sangita Sigdyal

Director of Operations

Sangita Sigdyal joined the Open Government Partnership in November 2014 as its Director of Operations. She is responsible for OGP's operations including finance, human resources and other functions to effectively carry out OGP's four-year strategy. Prior to joining OGP, she worked with the World Bank Group to develop a strategic roadmap, to launch the Open Contracting Partnership, and to advise the Board Chair on board/governance matters. She brings over 10 years' experience in senior management including multi-stakeholder initiatives and NGOs. Among her previous experiences, she was Managing Director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign, a global platform and MSI that advocates for and advances microfinance as an effective tool for poverty alleviation. She led the Campaign's strategic direction and oversaw its programs including monitoring and evaluation, its flagship regional and global summits and external affairs function. She was a council member of the Global Action Network (now Innovations for Scaling Impact, which launched the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency). Prior to her work with MSIs, she served as Chief Operating Officer of the Association for Conflict Resolution for five years, and as a management consultant for another five. She currently serves on the boards of HelpAge USA and COMMITTED, USA. She holds an MPA from Columbia University's School for International and Public Affairs (SIPA) and a BA from Ithaca College. She was born and raised in Nepal, and currently resides in the Washington, DC area with her family.

Sangita can be reached at Sangita.Sigdyal@opengovpartnership.org

Sandy Arce

Operations Associate

Sandy joined the OGP Support Unit as an Operations Associate in June 2015 and is responsible for assisting the Operations team. Prior to joining OGP, she spent six years in the Government Contracting industry providing market intelligence and tracking Federal Procurement policy. Originally from Arlington Virginia, Sandy has lived and studied abroad in Bolivia, Argentina and Mexico. She was also an aid volunteer in Honduras where she worked on housing and clean water projects. More recently, Sandy has worked with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal at the Embassy of the Plurinational State of Bolivia assisting with overseas election administration and outreach. She holds a Masters degree in Public Policy with a concentration in International Governance and Institutions from GMU's School of Public, Government and International Affairs and a B.A. in International Affairs from the University of Mary Washington.

Sandy can be reached at Sandy.Arce@opengovpartnership.org

Meghan Higginbotham

Events Associate

Meghan joined the OGP Support Unit Operations Team in April 2016 as Events Associate. She is responsible for collaborating with OGP Support Unit staff, host governments, and civil society to run OGP regional and global events. Prior to joining OGP, Meghan was the Advocacy and Impact Manager at the Enough Project, a human rights policy and advocacy organization, where she supported and lead advocacy and communications efforts. Meghan holds a B.A. in International Relations from the University of San Diego. 


Meghan can be reached at Meghan.Higginbotham@opengovpartnership.org.


Dietlind Lerner

Director of Communications

Dietlind Lerner joined the Open Government Partnership in March 2015 as the Communications Director with the OGP Support Unit. Dietlind started her professional life as a journalist, covering national elections in France and Germany. She has made documentary films in the United States and in Europe, worked as a television field producer in Europe and Africa, and written on politics and social justice issues for a variety of international publications from the German daily die TAZ to American People Magazine. In 2007 Dietlind joined Greenpeace International, managing forest campaigns communications for Indonesia, the Congo Basin and the Amazon. She later became organizational communications manager, overseeing special projects including communications for the international executive director and construction of the new Rainbow Warrior ship. In 2011 Dietlind became communications director for the Financial Transparency Coalition, where she worked with media professionals on three continents to highlight the devastating impacts of illicit financial flows, and support campaigns for changes in both government and the private sector. Dietlind is delighted to join the OGP, as she believes the current movement for citizen engagement with government transparency and accountability has the potential to radically improve the lives of people around the world. Dietlind holds a BA in Art History and French Literature from Barnard College at Columbia University in New York.

Dietlind can be reached at Dietlind.Lerner@opengovpartnership.org

Madaleine Weber

Communications Officer

Madaleine joined the Open Government Partnership in October 2015 as a Communications Officer. Prior to OGP, Madaleine managed the communications for the Governance Center at World Resources Institute. She has also worked as an organizer with the Public Interest Research Group and in outreach at Human Rights Watch. She holds a MSc in Environment and International Development from the University of East Anglia and a BA in Geography and Writing from Sarah Lawrence College.

Madaleine can be reached at Madaleine.Weber@opengovpartnership.org

Rachel Ostrow

Communications Officer

Rachel joined the Open Government Partnership in May 2016 as a Communications Officer. Most recently, she was a Fulbright-Clinton Public Policy Fellow in Kazakhstan, working with local NGOs and universities on economic issues facing women entrepreneurs. She also served in the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan as an English education volunteer, and spent three years working in the non-profit sector in New York. She holds an MA in International Relations and International Economics from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, and a BA from Mount Holyoke College in History and Russian/Eurasian Studies. 

Rachel can be reached at rachel.ostrow@opengovpartnership.org



Jacqueline McGraw

Communications Intern

Jacqueline joined the Open Government Partnership in August 2016 as a Communications Intern. Previously, she taught English to French primary students in the South of France as a participant of the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF)—a program run collaboratively by the American and French governments. She now hopes to develop her interest in social justice, accountable government, and diplomacy within the professional sphere. She holds a B.A. in French and political science from Kenyon College and spent one year of her undergraduate career studying at the Université Paris VIII just outside of Paris.   

Jacqueline can be reached at jacqueline.mcgraw@opengovpartnership.org



Jessica Monaco

Website Manager

Jessica joined OGP in September 2016 and works on the Communications team. She manages OGP's website, www.opengovpartnership.org, as well as other online efforts and engagements. Just prior to joining OGP, Jessica worked as a free-lance web producer and project manager. Before that, she edited and produced on various sites including the American Civil Liberties Union, Martha Stewart, and About.com and worked in Marketing at Penguin children's publishing. She has a BA in Religion and English from Columbia College at Columbia University.

Jessica can be reached at jessica.monaco@opengovpartnership.org.

Learning and Impact

Munyema Hasan

Program Manager, Learning and Impact

Munyema joined the OGP Support Unit in January 2014. She is responsible for OGP's Learning and Impact Program, where she leads its research activities, monitoring and evaluation strategy and the annual Open Government Awards competition. 

Prior to joining OGP, Munyema worked in the field of transparent and accountable governance with the World Bank, International Budget Partnership, Stanford University and the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability. She studied economics and political science and holds degrees from the London School of Economics, the American University in Cairo and the University of California, Berkeley.

Munyema can be reached at Munyema.Hasan@opengovpartnership.org