Legal and Financial


OGP operates on a presumption of openness in all of its activities.  The OGP disclosure policy was developed with input from the OGP community and applies to all information held by the OGP Support Unit, Steering Committee and subcommittees.

OGP will make an effort to proactively disclose information about its operations, financial position and decisions that have an impact on the OGP process.  That information will be posted either here or on the OGP Budget page (for financial information). 

To lodge an access to information request with the OGP Support Unit please send your request to with the subject line “Information Request: (subject of your request).”  OGP will make an effort to respond to all requests within a reasonable timeframe (ideally two weeks).  The response time will be dependent on staff availability and the burden of the request.  OGP also reserves the right to exceptions to full disclosure as indicated in the disclosure policy.

Where a requester is having difficulty lodging a request for any reason (such as disability or illiteracy), or where a request fails to describe the information sought in sufficient detail, OGP is to provide reasonable assistance to that requester.

A summary of each disclosure request including the name of the request, the information requested and the response time will be posted on this page. 


The Articles of Governance were adopted by consensus by OGP's Steering Committee in April 2012 and revised in March 2014 and April 2015 to reflect decisions taken by the Steering Committee.  These Articles establish the mandate and policies of the Open Government Partnership, including the OGP Steering Committee, the OGP Support Unit, and the Independent Reporting Mechanism.