Consultant - Mexico Response Policy Case

Deadline for Applications: 12 October 2018

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is seeking a consultant to provide an expert report on a case recently filed by civil society in Mexico as part of the Partnership's Response Policy.

On 15 July 2018, the core group of civil society organizations that used to form part of the secretariat tasked to coordinate the OGP agenda in Mexico submitted a Letter of Concern (LoC) with respect to the case of digital surveillance under the OGP Response Policy. The purpose of the Response Policy is to ensure that all Participating Countries uphold OGP values and principles, as expressed in OGP’s foundational documents, the Open Government Declaration and the Articles of Governance.

After initial review of the LoC, the Support Unit (SU) has concluded that it meets the eligibility criteria to trigger a Response Policy inquiry. As a next step, the Criteria and Standards subcommittee (C&S) Co-Chairs will lead a review of the merits of the concern in coordination with the SU. As part of this review, the SU is seeking a consultant to assess the veracity of the information provided in the concern. The LoC and all other materials regarding this Response Policy case can be found here.

Scope of Work

The consultant will be responsible for drafting a report that outlines the concerns presented in the LoC, and establishes the veracity of  the information provided by cross-referencing with information provided by government, civil society, IRM researchers and third parties, including, but not limited to, UN bodies likely to have relevant information and informed views on the issue(s) under review.

The consultant will deliver a 5-10 page report that summarizes the concerns and the evidence found regarding their veracity or lack-thereof. The consultant will also provide an annex that clearly outlines the concerns as written in the LoC and provide citations and evidence found in interviews and other documents that support and/or question the veracity of the concerns.

Interested applicants can find previous examples of reports made under OGP’s Response policy here: Azerbaijan, Australia, Hungary.

Timeline and deliverables

The total length of this consultancy will be 15 (fifteen) working days. The timeline for this consultancy is as follows:

  • 12 October - Deadline to submit applications
  • 22 October - Consultant is selected
  • 1 November - Consultant begins review
  • 30 November - First draft submitted to C&S chairs for review and comment
  • 1 February - Final report is submitted


As per Annex 2 of OGP’s Response Policy, the consultant will provide evidence of having:

  1. Significant experience in the country that is the subject of the Concern.

  2. Significant experience in areas related to open government principles, including expertise in transparency, accountability and civic engagement in the region where the Subject is based.

  3. Significant experience in the area of the Concerns, i.e. illegal surveillance.

  4. Ability to maintain the confidentiality of information and demonstrated integrity and ability to remain independent in the exercise of their duties.

  5. Proficiency in English and Spanish.

Conflict of Interest

  • No individual who has worked in an official capacity, or spoken on behalf of a government of a Participating Country which is the subject of a Concern, within the twelve months immediately prior to OGP’s receipt of a LoC, may be engaged by OGP to assist with the evaluation of a Concern.
  • No individual who has worked in an official capacity, or spoken, on behalf of a civil society organization involved in the country that is the subject of a Concern within the twelve months immediately prior to OGP’s receipt of a Concern, may be engaged by OGP to assist with the evaluation of a Concern.

How to apply:

  • Please submit a cover letter and current CV as attachments to (please add “Mexico Response Policy Consultant” to the subject of your email). Interested candidates should submit this information by October 12, 2018.
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