Working Groups

Open Government Partnership Thematic Working Groups

With the help of our partners, OGP has established six thematic working groups that will contribute to peer exchange and learning across the partnership. This page includes information on the six working groups, including FAQs and links to each group's invitation.



Led by the Government of Mexico (Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection) and the Carter Center.
Led by the Open Society Foundations, Transparency International, and the Governments of Brazil, Georgia, and the United Kingdom.
Led by the Global Initiative on Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) and the Governments of Brazil and Philippines
Led by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the Government of Chile
Led by the Web Foundation and the Government of Canada
Led by the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Government of Indonesia.
Led by the World Resources Institute and the Government of France.


What is the ultimate goal of the working groups?

Simply put, it is to support the creation and effective implementation of more ambitious open government commitments as part of OGP national action plans.

What will the groups do?

The working groups should provide practical ways for participants to share experiences, expertise, and lessons learned, as well as identify opportunities for targeted technical assistance and/or peer exchange. At open meetings around OGP and partner events, each working group will seek consensus on priority areas of engagement. Thereafter, participants are expected to actively collaborate through in-person and virtual sessions.

Who will be involved?

The working groups will team clusters of governments actively implementing or interested in pursuing OGP commitments in a particular issue area with leading civil society experts. Each group will be led by at least one government anchor and at least one civil society anchor that will jointly coordinate the group's work and sustain opportunities for learning. Participation is open to all governments and civil society organizations involved in OGP.

Which working groups currently exist?

At the moment, there are six working groups focused on: fiscal openness, legislative openness, access to information, anti-corruption, open data, and natural resource openness. 

Will there be others?

We hope so!  The OGP Steering Committee decides if the number and scope of working groups should be expanded in the future.  Any new group will be listed here and announced on our blog.