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Country: Netherlands
Action Plan: Netherlands Action Plan 2018-2020
Year Action Plan: 2018
Start Date: 7/1/2018  |  End Date: 6/30/2020

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Open decision-making at municipalities and provinces Open decision-making at municipalities and provinces
Start and end dates of the action point:1 July 2018 - 30 June 2020
Main action owner (organisation) Province of Zuid-Holland and/or VNG
Description of the action point
Which social issue does the action point seek to address? • A transparent government and the accessibility of information from the authorities are very important in a democracy. This enables citizens and society to both inform and monitor the government, and also to participate actively. It strengthens the connection between citizens and the public administration.
• Municipal and Provincial Council decisions are recorded as Municipal Council Information (Raadsinformatie) and Provincial Council Information (Stateninformatie). The information recorded consists of motions, agendas and proposals. To strengthen transparency and local democracy, this information must be available in a standardised manner as open data.
• If information is not provided in a standardised manner, it is not easy to carry out targeted searches for information or compare information about the same subject at different municipalities and provinces. As a result, information about local government decisions is not easily accessible and can be difficult to compare.
What is the action point? • The Open State Foundation (OSF) has been working with the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) and the Ministry of the Interior (BZK) to release Municipal Council Information from more than 100 municipalities as open data since 2013. A standard for making this information uniformly available as open data is in its completion stage. This is an action point from the Dutch national Action Plan for Open Government for January 2016 – June 2018.
• In the first six months of 2018, five Dutch provinces made their Provincial Council Information available as open data. More provinces now wish to join this initiative and provide access to Provincial Council Information as standardised open data.
• Provinces want to make their Provincial Council Information more easily accessible to strengthen the democratic process. This action point intends to have provinces make their Provincial Council Information available according to a standard that is similar to the standard that has been developed for municipalities. This serves local residents, community organisations, intermediaries and the media. Since it involves the same type of information and the same suppliers, an intergovernmental standard should be prepared for Open Decision-making.
• Open Decision-making will enable all kinds of different parties to create applications that will contribute to participation, transparency or accountability by reusing data.
• And furthermore, it will make it easier for elected representatives to search in their own and other representatives' documents.
How will the action point contribute to remedying the social issue? The development of an intergovernmental standard for providing access to Open Municipal Council Information and Open Provincial Council Information, and making this decision-making information available as open data such that it is reliable and reusable and can be compared to other data will contribute to a transparent government and the accessibility of government information. This will enable citizens and media to monitor the government and it will give citizens and community organisations a better information position for active participation.

Why is this action point relevant to OGP values? The action point is relevant to several OGP values.
• It will contribute to more information being released, to a better quality of the information that is released, and to the information becoming more easily accessible to the public. It will thus contribute to more transparency.
• For municipalities, the experience with the action point from 2016-2018 has shown that, based on information that was released in an open data format and according to a uniform standard, interesting applications which contribute to participation and public accountability have been developed, such as It is expected that the opportunities of reuse will increase as the number of participating authorities increases and more information is standardised.
Additional information • VNG and the participating provinces have provided budget for developing, implementing, and managing the standard and providing information according to this standard.
• In the interest of both the ease of use for the public and efficiency (suppliers), this standard will be developed in conjunction with the VNG and the standard for Open Municipal Council Information.
Milestone with a verifiable result (please note: SMART) Start date: End date:

• The leading group of participating provinces will release Provincial Council Information based on the current Popolo standard.
• Development of the search engine for Open Provincial Council Information, based on Open Raad API and the Open Raad search engine
• Since early 2018, more than 100 Dutch municipalities have provided access to their municipal council information as open data, using an initial standard. VNG Realisatie will finalise the standard on Open Municipal Council Information and will enter into agreements with suppliers as to the implementation of this standard. As the same time, VNG Realisatie will be conducting an impact analysis together with KOOP for assuring the project as regards governance, the funding model, the management of standards, and its infrastructure. April 2018 01 July 2018
• Education and scaling up to other provinces.
• VNG Realisatie will finalise the information analysis with KOOP and will propose an action plan to inter-governmentally safeguard and scale up Open Decision-making and will also start implementing the approved plan for scaling up.
• Expansion of the Open Municipal Council Information standard to a definitive intergovernmental standard for Open Decision-making in conjunction with the VNG. 01 July 2018 31 December 2018
• Organisation of app challenge in the run-up to the Provincial Council elections in 2019 (March). 01 November 2018 Friday 01 March 2019
• Intergovernmental assurance of the project, standard and infrastructure.
• Scaling up to all 12 provinces and 380 municipalities].
• Note: Other authorities, such as water authorities and community schemes, are free to join this action point. 01 July 2018 Friday 01 July 2020
Contact information
Name of the responsible person representing the main action owner Pm [Henk Burgering for the time being], Province of Zuid-Holland and/or VNG
Position, organisational unit
Email and phone number
Other actors involved Authorities involved Province of Utrecht
Province of Noord-Holland
Province of Limburg
Province of Flevoland
VNG and VNG Realisatie

Other organisations or bodies (such as community organisations or the private sector) Open State Foundation (OSF)

Lead Institution: Province of Zuid-Holland and/or VNG

Support Institution: Province of Utrecht Province of Noord-Holland Province of Limburg Province of Flevoland VNG and VNG Realisatie Open State Foundation (OSF)


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