13 Access to judicial processes

Country: Uruguay
Action Plan: Uruguay Action Plan 2018-2020
Year Action Plan: 2018
Start Date: 3/1/2019  |  End Date: 6/30/2020

From the Action Plan

Access to judicial processes Access to judicial processes Commitment start and end date: March 2019 to June 2020. Institution or actor responsible for the implementation: the Judicial Branch. New Commitment. Theme: Security-Justice-Anti-Corruption Commitment description What is the commitment? To enable citizens who are involved in judicial processes (in any capacity, such as complainant, plaintiff, defendant, legal representative or judicial operator) to access information on those processes, ensuring total transparency of the process. To implement the system that enables legal representatives of citizens (lawyers) to file demands directly and move towards the consultation of files through the Single Judicial Window so that all the information pertaining to the process can be viewed. How will the commitment contribute to solving the problem? This commitment aims to universalize access to information from judicial processes for citizens, through the use of information technologies. What is the problem that the commitment will address? At present, citizens do not have full access to information on court files, as the web consultation system does not incorporate much of the content recorded in the electronic file (for example audios of the AUDIRE system). The commitment addresses aspects of transparency and accessibility for citizens, in an area as important as access to justice. Currently, only judicial operators (judges, lawyers, attorneys, prosecutors, defenders, etc.) have access to this level of detail of the information in the process. OGP value to which this commitment will contribute. Access to all public information in electronic files will be available to citizens in general, bolstering transparency of the judicial system. Additional Information The implementation of this commitment will be the responsibility of technicians who make up the stable team of the Technology Division of the Judicial Branch, which will allow the effective implementation and sustainability of this project. Objectives and/or milestones Description of objectives and/or milestones Start date End date To build the system that enables the filing of claims directly by lawyers (Pre-Filing) March 2019 August 2019 To move towards the consultation of files through the Single Judicial Window, so that citizens can see all the information of the process. August 2019 March 2020 To enable citizen to access information on the process in which they are a party. April 2020 June 2020 Contact Information Name of the responsible person Horacio Vico, B.Eng. Title, Department Director of Technology Division Email address and phone number 1907 ext. 4600 Name(s) of responsible technician(s) Fabiana Cosentino, B.A. Title, Department Director of the Jurisdictional Area of the Technology Division Email address and phone number 1907 ext. 4600 Name(s) of responsible technician(s) Gustavo Beiró, B.Eng. Email address and phone number 1907 ext. 4600 Title, Department Director of the Service Area of the Technology Division (Data on judicial auctions, crimes related to money laundering)

Lead Institution: the Judicial Branch

Support Institution: NA


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