14 Public hearings on video

Country: Uruguay
Action Plan: Uruguay Action Plan 2018-2020
Year Action Plan: 2018
 |  End Date: 12/31/2019

From the Action Plan

Public hearings on video Public hearings on video Commitment start and end date: September 2018 to December 2019. Institution or actor responsible for the implementation: the Judicial Branch. New Commitment. Theme: Security-Justice-Anti-Corruption Commitment description What is the commitment? To build a new system that enables the recording of hearings on video, and access to them by the judicial operators and the parties involved in the cases, through the Single Judicial Window. This is a first phase that will enable, at a later stage, a feasibility analysis of making video trial hearings available to all citizens. What is the problem that the commitment will address? Although the new Code of Criminal Procedure guarantees public access to hearings, today it is necessary for citizens to personally go to the Centralized Criminal Office in the case of Montevideo to attend said hearings, or to the Legal Court with corresponding criminal jurisdiction in other parts of the country. Currently, the Judicial Branch records hearings that are held within the framework of the new Code of Criminal Procedure, using the AUDIRE system, which records only audio. How will the commitment contribute to solving the problem? The video recording of the hearings will enable unrestricted access to all judicial operators and parties to the case, from any location, allowing to observe the development of this highly relevant stage of the process with full transparency. OGP value to which this commitment will contribute. The video recording of public hearings contributes to strengthening transparency, this being the first step towards direct access by citizens to be able to watch what happens in a criminal hearing without having to go to the judicial headquarters in which it takes place. Objectives and/or milestones Description of objectives and/or milestones Start date End date To build the new system that allows the recording of hearings on video. September 2018 April 2019 To implement a pilot project at the Centralized Criminal Office (OPEC) of Montevideo. April 2019 June 2019 To develop and make available the functionality that allows judicial operators and parties to the process to access the videos of the hearings. June 2019 December 2019 Additional Information The recording system to be developed will be implemented by technicians of the Judicial Branch's own team, as an evolution of the AUDIRE system. The specific aspects of storing and safeguarding a large volume of information must be strongly analyzed, as well as the necessary infrastructure that will be required in the future to provide access to these video contents from the Judicial Branch's website. Contact Information Name of the responsible person Horacio Vico, B.Eng. Title, Department Director of Technology Division Email address and phone number 1907 ext. 4600 Name(s) of responsible technician(s) Fabiana Cosentino, B.A. Title, Department Director of the Jurisdictional Area of the Technology Division Email address and phone number 1907 ext. 4600

Lead Institution: the Judicial Branch

Support Institution: NA


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