1. Accountability and Transparency of State Financial Control Institutions

    AZ0022, 2012, Fiscal Openness

  2. Disclosure of Financial Reports

    AZ0025, 2012, Fiscal Openness

  3. Reports on Annual Budget Implementation

    AZ0027, 2012, Democratizing Decision-Making

  4. Access to Necessary Information for Taxpayers

    AZ0028, 2012, Fiscal Openness

  5. Tax Transparency

    AZ0029, 2012, Fiscal Openness

  6. Disclosure of Income from Extractive Industries

    AZ0032, 2012, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  7. Ensuring Financial Transparency

    AZ0043, 2016, Capacity Building

  8. Measures in the Field of Prevention of Corruption and Improvement of Legislation

    AZ0047, 2016, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  9. Budget Transparency

    AZ0052, 2020, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  10. Transparent Local Government

    AZ0057, 2020, E-Government