1. Improving Public Access to Preventive and Curative Strategies to Combat Chronic Kidney Disease

    LK0001, , Health

  2. Transparent Policy to Provide Safe and Affordable Medicines for All

    LK0002, , Capacity Building

  3. National Health Performance

    LK0003, , Capacity Building

  4. Ensuring Transparency and Impartiality in Teacher Recruitment Policy and Process in Sri Lanka

    LK0004, , Access to Information

  5. Enhance the Services of Government Information Center (GIC- 1919) for Inclusive, Transparent, Accountable and Efficient Governance, Using ICT As Enabler

    LK0005, , Capacity Building

  6. Promote the Open Data Concept and Delivering the Benefits to Citizens Through ICT

    LK0006, , Access to Information

  7. National Environmental Act (NEA) Amendments

    LK0007, , Capacity Building

  8. Coast Conservation

    LK0008, , Capacity Building

  9. Flora and Fauna Protection

    LK0009, , Capacity Building

  10. Transparent and Accountable Procurement System for Local Authorities in Sri Lanka

    LK0010, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  11. Local Authority Procurement System Implementation

    LK0011, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  12. Annual Work Plan of the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs to Include a Transparent and Accountable Process to Implement Selected Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) Concluding Observations.

    LK0012, , Democratizing Decision-Making

  13. CEDAW Implementation – Accountability

    LK0013, , Democratizing Decision-Making

  14. CEDAW – Inclusion

    LK0014, , Democratizing Decision-Making

  15. Strengthening Women Participation in the Political Decision Making Process at the Local Level

    LK0015, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  16. Strengthen the Anti-Corruption Framework to Increase Constructive Public Participation

    LK0016, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  17. Implement UNCAC

    LK0017, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  18. Coordination Among Anti-Corruption Agencies

    LK0018, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  19. Disseminate Asset Declaration

    LK0021, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  20. Starred commitment The Enactment and Implementation of the RTI Act

    LK0022, , Access to Information

  21. Increase Use of RTI

    LK0026, , Access to Information

  22. Citizen Participation in Health

    LK0027, , Health

  23. Campaign Against Youth Drug Use

    LK0028, , Education

  24. Disaster Management Planning

    LK0033, , Capacity Building

  25. National Environmental Policy

    LK0034, , Democratizing Decision-Making

  26. CEDAW Implementation

    LK0035, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  27. Local Service Delivery

    LK0036, , Fiscal Openness

  28. Feedback on Public Bus

    LK0037, , Democratizing Decision-Making