1. Budget Transparency: Amend the Organic Law on Budget with Precise Deadlines and Specific Fiscal Rules

    ME0042, 2012, Fiscal Openness

  2. Budget Transparency: Presentation of the Annual Budget and Its Revisions in a Visually Comprehensible and Simple Manner

    ME0043, 2012, Fiscal Openness

  3. Budget Transparency: Identify and Develop Performance Indicators

    ME0044, 2012, Fiscal Openness

  4. Improved Anticorruption Policies

    ME0062, 2018, Access to Information

  5. Transparency of State Budget

    ME0072, 2022, Fiscal Openness

  6. Transparency of EU Funds Utilization

    ME0073, 2022, Capacity Building

  7. Budget Transparency at the Local Level

    ME0076, 2022, Access to Information