1. Participatory Policy Making

    SK0011, 2012, Capacity Building

  2. Starred commitment Apply Participatory Policy Making

    SK0012, 2012, Open Regulations

  3. Participatory Policy Making

    SK0014, 2012, Open Regulations

  4. Collective e-Petitions

    SK0015, 2012, E-petitions

  5. Collective e-Petitions – Draft Amendment

    SK0016, 2012, E-petitions

  6. Data Publication Standards

    SK0061, 2017, Access to Information

  7. Participatory Public Policy

    SK0100, 2017, E-Government

  8. Citizen-Traingin on Public Policy Making

    SK0101, 2017, Capacity Building

  9. Create Engaging Public Policies

    SK0102, 2017, Capacity Building

  10. Promote Partnership and Dialogue Between Public Authorities, Citizens and NGOs at National, Regional and Local Level in the Area of Participatory Public Policy-Making.

    SK0105, 2017, Capacity Building

  11. Draft Legislation About the Responsibility of Judges

    SK0113, 2017, E-Government

  12. Draft Legislation to Ensure Public Scrutiny of Judges

    SK0114, 2017, Judiciary

  13. Create Draft Legislation to Extend the Right to Recommend Candidates for the Post of Attorney-General.

    SK0116, 2017, Legislation & Regulation

  14. Participatory Analysis of Prosecutor's Affairs

    SK0117, 2017, E-Government

  15. Participatory Policy-Making

    SK0044, 2015, Open Regulations

  16. Workshops on Public Involvement in Policymaking

    SK0045, 2015, Capacity Building

  17. Starred commitment Develop Public Policy with Civil Society

    SK0047, 2015, Civic Space

  18. Starred commitment Develop Criteria for Evaluating Participation in Policymaking

    SK0048, 2015, Open Regulations

  19. Evaluate Policy Creation

    SK0049, 2015, Open Regulations

  20. Map Legislative Environments

    SK0050, 2015, Legislative

  21. Report on Public Participation in Lawmaking

    SK0133, 2019, Open Regulations

  22. Legislation Materials Portal

    SK0135, 2019, Access to Information