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Africa Country Support Consultant


The OGP Africa and the Middle East 2021 work plan looks to uplift countries in the region to improve the implementation of commitments to achieve more early results and completion. Evidence shows that a good OGP ecosystem is vital for a good co-creation process and the potential for early results and completion of commitments. This ecosystem includes a vibrant civil society, political and technical government leadership, and support from development partners. The Africa region faces unique challenges that emanate from the ecosystem resulting in low implementation levels compared to other regions, which is reflected by fewer result stories and early results despite the most ambitious commitments across the partnership. 

We know that OGP countries in Africa implement commitments at lower rates than any other region, even when controlling for other factors, like wealth, political institutions, and general investment in OGP. On average, African OGP countries implement 20% fewer commitments than countries in other regions. Although African countries generally make more ambitious commitments, this alone does not explain the implementation gap. Some contributing factors include poor co-creation planning and commitment design, poor civil society consultations, lack of monitoring processes, capacity and resources.

The consultant will help shed light on approaches for the OGP Support Unit to strengthen and better support the OGP ecosystem in Africa so that it is well-positioned to improve the implementation of commitments. Furthermore, the disruptions brought about by Covid-19 have changed the landscape that OGP is and will be operating in the region. Given this, it is essential to analyse how the OGP ecosystem in Africa can adapt.

Description of the consultancy

The OGP Support Unit is contracting a consultant with a good understanding of the Africa open government and OGP environment. The consultant will be expected to design recommendations and guidance on how the OGP Support Unit can strengthen national civil society actors, support collective advocacy, collaborate with funding agencies, and build leadership networks to support implementation better. The consultant is also expected to work with the Africa and Middle East team in piloting, testing, refining these approaches to support the implementation of commitments and specific themes.

Scope of Work

  • Develop a set of practical, accessible recommendations and approaches on how the OGP Support Unit can better 1) strengthen civil society actors, 2) engage with funders and multilateral institutions, 3) support collective advocacy and 4) establish a network of open government leaders (government and civil society) geared to support the implementation of commitment reforms.
  • Identify lessons for recommendations on how the OGP ecosystem has influenced the success and failure of commitment implementation from themes and countries that have been successful and those that have not. The consultant will work with the OGP Support Unit team to identify themes and countries with early results and high levels of completion.
  • Where technical and financial support exists for implementation support like OGP Trust Fund and the PAGOF- what does the OGP ecosystem and the Support Unit need to do and organise differently to improve the support provided for implementation. The consultant will work with the Africa and Middle East team to identify specific countries for lessons.  
  • Develop a set of recommendations and approaches to improve government and civil society power relations in the Africa context. Evidence shows that government and civil society power relations affect the successful implementation of open government commitments.
  • Develop recommendations for Africa’s political, economic and social OGP value proposition that resonates with government stakeholders and connects with challenges governments are grubbling in Africa. The value proposition should position open government and OGP in critical discussions at national and regional levels in Africa on anti-corruption, public administration, and service delivery, among others.
  • Liaise with the Africa and Middle East team to translate outputs from this work into practical conversations with civil society, funders and multilateral partners interested in the region and supporting open government commitments. The consultant will work with the Africa and Middle East team to organise a donor meeting in 2022 for the region to share recommendations and approaches to better support the implementation of commitments.
  • Work with the Africa and Middle East team to use the lessons, recommendations and approaches to help inform the 2022 regional work-plan/ strategy.  

Terms of the Consultancy

The consultancy is expected to take place over a  six-month period from November 2021 to April 2022. The contract will be a cost-reimbursable contract with monthly invoicing on days spent with a maximum of 50 days over a 6 month period.

Qualifications, requirements and skills

  • A good understanding of the Open Government movement in Africa and the consultant should have ideas for improving current approaches. 
  • A good understanding of Africa’s open government funding community and the changes in funding trends due to Covid-19. 
  • Proven experience working with government and civil society in Africa to design participatory approaches to implement open government reforms.
  • Skilled in problem-driven approaches to policymaking and implementation
  • Project management and coordination skills, including experience in developing and implementing complex tasks and the capacity to deliver quality deliverables under tight deadlines.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with international and multi-disciplinary teams and across time zones.
  • Proven excellent analytical, writing, and communication skills in English. 

How to Apply

  • Please submit a cover letter, proposed methodology, current CV, daily rate and examples of previous work that demonstrate fit for the assignment to Please add ‘Consultant- Strengthening OGP Ecosystem in Africa’ to the subject of your email.
  • Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until filled, so applicants are encouraged to submit their materials as soon as possible.
  • Because of the volume of applications, we will not be able to respond to every applicant. We thank applicants in advance for their expressions of interest.
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