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The following text was contributed by the Government of Estonia.

"The Open Government Partnership offers a useful platform to develop and share ideas about how to make societies seamless, stop them separating into public and private, elite and mass, insiders and outsiders.“

Kersti Kaljulaid, President of the Republic of Estonia at the OGP Global Summit in Paris 


Estonia is happy about having joined the Open Government Partnership in spring 2012. Estonia’s main goals in participating in the OGP are to draw attention to the quality of state governance and learn from the experiences of other states, while sharing also our own best practices – especially in areas of e-governance and public sector ICT use.

The Estonian Government is dedicatedly working towards an open and empowered people’s society where the citizens’ voices are heard and civil society initiatives become a part of the political process. Our OGP action plan covers activities in the areas of developing public (e-)services, making state information assets (data) available, involving citizens in policy-making, and preventing corruption and conflicts of interest.

Estonia has been successful in creating public services that are easily and securely accessible to all. E-services have been developed with close cooperation between the government, civil society and private sector companies. More than 2/3 of citizens who have used public services report satisfaction. The advanced and smart use of ICT systems is also making governance more open and transparent by enabling people to easily follow and participate in decision-making. The improvement of e-services has also helped to reduce corruption and deepen accountability in the society and government.

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