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Webinar: Introducing the Access to Information Working Group


Juan Pablo Guerrero Amparán (Mexico’s Federal Institute for Access to Public Information and Data Protection)
Laura Neuman (The Carter Center)

As governments continue to implement their OGP Action Plans and develop new commitments, the OGP is piloting a number of working groups to deepen engagement and learning opportunities in key open government areas. Given the importance of access to information as a core value of open government, an OGP Access to Information Working Group has been created. This Working Group is led by the governments of Mexico (Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection-IFAI), Brazil (General Comptroller -CGU), and Indonesia (Central Information Commission) along,with the Regional Alliance for Freedom of Expression, The Carter Center, and the Centre for Freedom of Information. 

This webinar aims to further understanding of access to information issues and activities in the context of the Open Government Partnership. The session will introduce the concept of OGP Working Groups and the framework for the OGP- Access to Information Working Group (ATI WG).

The Access to Information Working Group will:
1. Support OGP participating countries to develop and implement ambitious commitments on access to information.
2. Assist OGP countries in meeting their ATI commitments. 
3. Identify and share good practices on specific ATI and transparency related topics.
4. Foster knowledge and experience exchanges among countries on issues related to the implementation of access to information legislation.  
5. Promote active engagement of ATI oversight and implementation bodies around the world in national OGP processes. 
6. Provide insight on how to incentivize countries to adopt commitments that also improve their scores on the OGP eligibility criteria for Access to Information.



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