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Uruguay: Enhancing the Healthcare Experience

In Uruguay, patients are only able to change their healthcare provider every three years, except under exceptional circumstances. Without access to complete information about healthcare providers in the country, citizens were unable to make informed choices about the health of themselves…


Colombia: Keeping the Courts Open and Honest

Crossposted from Citizengage. Colombians have historically distrusted their judiciary, including the country’s highest administrative court, the Council of State. In 2015, when the Prosecutor’s Office arrested 11 members of the judiciary for allowing a controversial businessman accused of murder to…

Uruguay Water Impact Story

Uruguay: Giving Citizens a Say in Clean Water

Crossposted from Citizengage. Access to drinking water and basic sanitation for all citizens has been a long-standing goal in Uruguay,  but the most vulnerable citizens have repeatedly experienced service gaps due to poor coordination between privately-owned water and sanitation services. In…

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