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Land Rights & Spatial Planning

Formalized, transparent, and accountable land tenure empowers citizens to invest in their own communities and protect their natural resources, as well as interact peacefully with each other, private companies, and the government by reducing threats of land grabs. Likewise, when governments allow communities to participate in the management of their natural resources, those resources can become a source of significant economic benefits, helping break the poverty cycle in developing communities. These benefits are especially significant for women and other marginalized populations. In households where women own land, children are up to 10% less likely to be sick, and women save 3.8 times more income than in communities where these rights are not guaranteed.

As OGP Local grows, there is increasing interest in how land and space are used at the regional, provincial, and municipal levels. Encouraging entrepreneurship, social interaction, equal opportunities, and healthy communities is increasingly a priority in the modern era. Ensuring transparency in land use and planning decisions is essential for these goals.

More than half of all OGP members have made at least one commitment related to land management and rights. These commitments tend to be highly effective; commitments related to land management are more frequently completed and impactful than OGP commitments in other areas. According to OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism, nearly one in three land commitments results in significant improvements to government openness.


  1. Starred commitment Adoption of the Environmental Assessment Code

    GE0057, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  2. Starred commitment Citizen-Centered e-Government

    SE0013, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  3. Starred commitment Commercial Land Use Rights Information

    LR0011, 2015, Public Service Delivery

  4. Starred commitment Open and Circulate Data

    FR0018, 2015, Public Service Delivery

  5. Starred commitment Cadastre Open

    UY0034, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  6. Starred commitment Development of Tools for Increasing Transparency and Enhancing Land Governance

    BR0045, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  7. Starred commitment Public Information System on Mineral Resources

    BG0008, 2012, Anti-Corruption

  8. Publish open data to spur innovation in public service delivery and development

    KE0026, 2020, Digital Governance

  9. Promote integration of open geographic data

    ES0077, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  10. Publish significant data regarding housing sector

    ES0078, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  11. Facilitate public participation in marine NATURA 2000 NETWORK

    ES0083, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  12. Establish mechanisms to reconsider coastal governance

    ES0086, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  13. Transparency of public assets

    UA0088, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  14. Publish information related to road system

    UA0098, 2020, Public Service Delivery

  15. Policy Co-Creation in North Rhine-Westphalia

    DE0026, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  16. Make Open Data Accessible

    SE0018, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  17. Digital Spatial Planning

    NO0058, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  18. Community Climate Resilience Pilot

    AUS0006, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  19. Agriculture Support Policy

    LK0030, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  20. Participation for Persons with Disabilities

    LK0031, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  21. CEDAW Implementation

    LK0035, 2019, Anti-Corruption

  22. Open Rural Development Data

    GR0066, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  23. Transparent and consultative city administration

    IAS0001, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  24. Contract Transparency in Extractives

    MN0045, 2019, Anti-Corruption

  25. Governance of Waste Management

    MN0047, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  26. Administrative Service Certification

    JAL0014, 2019, Anti-Corruption

  27. Publish Terrain, Climate, and Water Data

    DK0067, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  28. Open Municipal Government

    LV0043, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  29. Center for Territorial Intelligence

    CR0061, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  30. Inclusive and Participatory Rural Development

    CR0062, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  31. Housing Policy Planning

    GE0079, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  32. Electronic Services

    GE0086, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  33. Monitoring Property Status of Elected and Appointed Officials

    MK0124, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  34. Indicators of Welfare and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

    UY0125, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  35. Open Cadastre

    UY0128, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  36. To Resilient Skopje Via Data Availability

    MK0135, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  37. Human Scale City

    BUE0007, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  38. Housing: Indicators System

    BUE0010, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  39. Open Contracting Data Standards

    KAD0002, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  40. Access to Geographic Information

    TN0038, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  41. Online Administrative Services

    TN0047, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  42. Urban and Rural Land Registers

    BR0107, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  43. Open Geo-Spatial Data for Development

    KE0020, 2018, Digital Governance

  44. Decentralization and Local Development

    SAO0007, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  45. State and Municipal Property Disclosure

    KG0013, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  46. Land Cadastre

    AM0040, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  47. Transparency and Accountability in Public Infrastructure

    SEK0006, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  48. Public Service Delivery

    SEK0008, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  49. Transporation Accessibility

    SEO0005, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  50. Ensuring Openness and Transparency of Selling Public Assets and Property

    UA0072, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  51. Interactive Map of Mines

    UA0080, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  52. Priority Electronic Services

    UA0081, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  53. Re-Qualification, Rehabilitation, and Accessibility Program

    CV0002, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  54. Transparency in the Land Authority

    LR0033, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  55. Open Data/Citizen Navigation Portal

    LR0036, 2017, Anti-Corruption

  56. Access to Environmental Information and Improving Transparency Mechanisms of Environmental Information

    PE0067, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  57. Access to Spatial Data

    DE0004, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  58. Citizen Participation in Environmental Policy and Urban Development

    DE0008, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  59. Publish the Council’S Master Plan Online with Details Information of All Land Uses, Planned Areas, Unplanned Areas and Open Spaces by July 2017

    KIG0001, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  60. Bureau of Policy Dialogue Habitat

    AR0064, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  61. Developing a New Transparency Portal for Madrid City Council

    MAD0002, 2017, Anti-Corruption

  62. Regional Reform Information

    FI0028, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  63. World Bank Doing Business Index

    NG0005, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  64. Coordination of the Cadastre and the Land Registry

    ES0038, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  65. National Environmental Act (NEA) Amendments

    LK0007, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  66. Transparency of Contracts of Public Resource Exploiting

    MN0032, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  67. CEDAW Implementation – Accountability

    LK0013, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  68. Introduction of a Publicly Accessible Register of Concession Contracts

    MK0104, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  69. Publication of Data on Planned and Realized Domestic and Foreign Assistance for Rural Development and Agriculture on a Quarterly Basis

    MK0106, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  70. Re-Use of Public Administration Documents and Open Data

    SE0014, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  71. Participatory Management for Environmental Protection

    SV0085, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  72. Resilient Communities

    HN0058, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  73. Electronic Monitoring System of Forests

    AL0059, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  74. Observatories Instrumentosde Implementation of Territorial Planning and Urban Land Market

    CL0041, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  75. Geospatial Maritime Data

    GR0042, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  76. Open Provision of Geo-Data

    GR0053, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  77. Environment and Forrest Sector Public Complaints

    ID0061, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  78. Environmental Management Information Portal

    ZA0019, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  79. Public Environmental Information and Natural Resources

    PY0030, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  80. Administrative Service Decentrilisation and Improvement

    UA0057, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  81. Free Urban Planning Documentation

    UA0060, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  82. Access to Government Data

    AU0010, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  83. Promote Transparent Climate Policy Development

    IE0031, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  84. Publish Government-Held Open Data

    MD0065, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  85. GIS Applications for the Register of Protected Areas in Bulgaria

    BG0075, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  86. Consultations and Dialogue on International Instruments

    UY0064, 2016, Civic Space

  87. Environmental Monitoring Points

    UY0070, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  88. Creation of Spatial (Geographic) Data Web-Portal for the Energy Sector

    GE0045, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  89. Open Data and Statistics

    UY0086, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  90. Public Information on Land and Natural Resource Reform

    LR0010, 2015, Anti-Corruption

  91. Publish and Revise 70% of Mining and Agricultural Lease Agreements and Contracts

    SL0009, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  92. Open Data Portal for Transparency in Fiscal and Extractive Transactions

    SL0011, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  93. National Geoportal

    AL0039, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  94. Make Land Use Plan, Ownership and Demarcated Areas for Large Scale Land Deals Accessible Online for Public Use by June 2016.

    TZ0029, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  95. Tanzania to Fulfill Its EITI Commitments by June 2016

    TZ0030, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  96. To Include the Mineral Sector (Starting with National Quarries Company Ltd) in the TTEITI Reporting Mechanism

    TT0013, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  97. Publishing an Annual Report on Audit Activities in Public Sector

    TN0003, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  98. Provision of Open Geospatial Data

    GR0017, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  99. Developing an Open Data Portal

    TN0005, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  100. Development of an "Open Data" Platform Dedicated to Information Dealing with Oil and Mine Sector Investment

    TN0018, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  101. Accelerate Open and Good Governance Practices in Land Affairs

    ID0036, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  102. Community Empowerment to Support Environmental Sustainability

    ID0044, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  103. Transparency of Underground Resources Act

    BG0033, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  104. Access to Environmental Information.

    DO0034, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  105. Develop Central Information Database of Minerals, Oil, and Land Tenure License Owners, Open to the Public.

    MN0004, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  106. Ensure Transparency All Agreements on Investment, Stability and Production- Sharing of Public-Owned Resources Such as Water, Minerals, Oil and Land.

    MN0005, 2014, Anti-Corruption

  107. Increasing Responsibilities and Promote the Concept of Environmental Protection (DEM – AD Treska, Makedonski Brod and Other Stakeholders):

    MK0086, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  108. Revised Local Authories Data Transparency Code

    UK0044, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  109. OpenDataCommunities Programme

    UK0060, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  110. Land Affairs Transparency

    ID0018, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  111. Forest Management

    ID0019, 2013, Anti-Corruption

  112. Mining for Everyone

    MX0060, 2013, Anti-Corruption

  113. Resolve Legal Issues Regarding State Geo-Data

    GR0007, 2012, Public Service Delivery

  114. Transparency of Managing Mineral Resources

    BG0009, 2012, Anti-Corruption

  115. Enhancing e-services

    LV0008, 2012, Public Service Delivery

  116. Land Administration

    ID0007, 2011, Public Service Delivery

  117. One-Map Portal

    ID0011, 2011, Public Service Delivery

  118. Environmental Openness

    ID0012, 2011, Anti-Corruption

  119. Mining Projects Database

    MX0013, 2011, Anti-Corruption

  120. Access to Environmental Impact Studies

    MX0031, 2011, Public Service Delivery

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