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Money in Politics

Transparency in the funding of campaigns, political parties and democratic politics is an essential public accountability mechanism, empowering oversight of government decision- making processes.

Money is a necessary and growing component in modern competitive elections. However, it provokes distrust and cynicism among the electorate, and can be a tool for corruption by those with resources.

Political finance transparency is needed to
(a) prevent an ‘arms race’ in election spending;
(b) level the political and electoral playing field;
(c) keep illicit and criminal money out of politics and elections;
(d) promote the political participation of women and other marginalized groups; and
(e) incentivize compliance with political finance regulations.

This theme is becoming an increasing area of interest for OGP countries developing National Action Plans. The policy brief by OGP and the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (below) details how these efforts can be advanced, and what resources are available to assist reformers.

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