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Money in Politics

Transparency in the funding of campaigns, political parties and democratic politics is an essential public accountability mechanism, empowering oversight of government decision- making processes.


Money is a necessary and growing component in modern competitive elections. However, it provokes distrust and cynicism among the electorate, and can be a tool for corruption by those with resources.

This policy area is becoming an increasing area of interest for OGP countries. The policy brief by OGP and the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance details how these efforts can be advanced, and what resources are available to assist reformers.


  • Establish a mandatory, open-data, public register of records of interactions between lobbyists and public officials. Madrid has a public online registry where lobbyists must disclose any meetings with members of the City Council.
  • Create open, equitable and responsive channels for public consultation of policies. Paraguay established development councils to bring together local authorities from with neighborhood groups and local businesses. The councils convene public hearings, monitor projects, and create participatory development plans.
  • Introduce mandatory codes of conduct for both officials and lobbyists and ensure there are appropriate sanctions in place for non-compliance


  1. Lobby Law in Chile: Democratizing Access to Public Authorities

    Since 2004, succeeding governments in Chile have launched legal initiatives to improve transparency, probity and principles of good government, including…

    2016, Documents, Web Page

  2. Political Finance Transparency Policy Brief

    This policy brief was co-published with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) and is crossposted from…

    2019, Documents, Web Page

  3. Recommendations on Lobbying for OGP Action Plans

    n/a, Outbound Link, Web Page

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