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Natural Resources

Regulating the use of natural resources and promoting the provision public goods are a fundamental part of governance. Open government approaches have been essential across the many aspects of resource governance –  the prevention of corruption in the extractive industries and water sector, control of pollution, provision of equitable access to water services and improving quality, protection of  land rights, and ensuring the rights of affected  communities.

Environment and Climate

Environmental policies have long been the crucible for open-government – from instituting public participation through environmental impact assessments, to disclosure through pollutant release transfer registers, to publishing enforcement and compliance data online.

Extractive Industries

Transparency and accountability in the extractive industry sector is crucial to mitigating the effects of the “resource curse” in countries endowed with natural resources.

Land Rights and Spatial Planning

Formalized, transparent, and accountable land tenure empowers citizens to invest in their own communities and protect their natural resources, as well as interact peacefully with each other, private companies, and the government by reducing threats of land grabs.

Water and Sanitation

OGP can help address the accessibility and quality of water and sanitation services, including by fighting corruption, improving transparency, and directly engaging citizens in decision-making and monitoring processes.


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