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Open Regulations


  1. Starred commitment Opening Data from the National Congress

    AR0045, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  2. Starred commitment Strengthening Environmental Democracy

    CL0033, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  3. Starred commitment Improving Access to Legislation

    NZ0010, 2016, Open Regulations

  4. Starred commitment Develop Public Policy with Civil Society

    SK0047, 2015, Civic Space

  5. Starred commitment Develop Criteria for Evaluating Participation in Policymaking

    SK0048, 2015, Public Participation

  6. Starred commitment Increase Transparency in Public Procurement

    FR0004, 2015, Anti-Corruption

  7. Starred commitment Online Collection of Signatures on Referenda

    LV0024, 2015, Open Parliaments

  8. Starred commitment Improving the Consultation Process with the Interested Public in Legislative Procedures

    HR0020, 2014, Public Participation

  9. Starred commitment Implementation and Monitoring of Lobbying Law.

    CL0030, 2014, Lobbying

  10. Starred commitment Hold Referenda Arising from the Recommendations of the Constitutional Convention

    IE0010, 2014, Gender

  11. Starred commitment Regulation of Lobbying

    IE0014, 2014, Lobbying

  12. Starred commitment Apply Participatory Policy Making

    SK0012, 2012, Public Participation

  13. Starred commitment Improving the Practice of Consulting the Interested Public in Procedures of Adopting New Laws: Amend Procedural Rules

    HR0009, 2012, Open Parliaments

  14. Starred commitment Bill Lobby

    CL0015, 2012, Anti-Corruption

  15. Consult Citizens Earlier on Regulations

    PE0102, 2019, Public Participation

  16. Mechanisms for Citizen Participation in the Development of Regulations

    PE0103, 2019, Public Participation

  17. Mechanisms for Citizens to Report Red Tape and Bad Regulations

    PE0104, 2019, Public Participation

  18. Participatory Creation of Regulatory Policy

    DE0023, 2019, Public Participation

  19. National Environmental Policy

    LK0034, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  20. CSO Participation in Policymaking

    BA0005, 2019, Public Participation

  21. Open Policy Making

    UK0092, 2019, Public Participation

  22. Innovation in Democracy Programme

    UK0095, 2019, Public Participation

  23. Open Government Strategy

    FI0031, 2019, Open Regulations

  24. Register of Government Decision-Making

    FI0032, 2019, Anti-Corruption

  25. Reform Promotion System for Police Officers

    AF0025, 2019, Public Participation

  26. Open Justice for Anti-Corruption

    AF0029, 2019, Anti-Corruption

  27. Transparent and Open Administration

    LU0001, 2019, Open Regulations

  28. Open Municipal Government

    LV0043, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  29. Report on Public Participation in Lawmaking

    SK0133, 2019, Public Participation

  30. Legislation Materials Portal

    SK0135, 2019, Open Regulations

  31. Using Open Data to Prevent Corruption

    CR0063, 2019, Anti-Corruption

  32. Citizen Engagement Platform

    GE0067, 2018, Public Participation

  33. Economic Governance

    GE0069, 2018, Private Sector

  34. Citizen Engagement Legislation

    GE0073, 2018, Open Parliaments

  35. State Web Portal

    UY0110, 2018, Open Data

  36. Your Idea for the Zugdidi Mayor

    GE0085, 2018, Lobbying

  37. I. Gov. Zugdidi

    GE0087, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  38. Human Rights Report

    UY0120, 2018, Civic Space

  39. Technology for Transparency

    GE0091, 2018, Lobbying

  40. Assessment of Anti-Corruption Legislation

    MK0125, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  41. Observatory for Equality and Non-Discrimination

    UY0123, 2018, Gender

  42. Raising Public Awareness About Parliamentary Democracy

    GE0093, 2018, Open Parliaments

  43. Platform for Improved Legislative Data and Information

    ID0106, 2018, Open Parliaments

  44. Cybersecurity Strategy

    UY0137, 2018, Private Sector

  45. Citizen oversight of legislative processes

    MK0143, 2018, Open Parliaments

  46. Accountability Portals

    HN0060, 2018, Open Regulations

  47. Procedure for Public Participation in Public Consultations of MARN

    SV0094, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  48. Creation of a City Observatory

    MAD0010, 2018, Public Participation

  49. Central State Portal

    HR0036, 2018, Open Regulations

  50. Public Consultations

    HR0037, 2018, Open Regulations

  51. e-Democracy

    ME0058, 2018, Public Participation

  52. Legislative Petition System

    MO0019, 2018, Open Parliaments

  53. Allow Citizens to Comment on Draft Legislation

    MO0020, 2018, Open Parliaments

  54. Improved Business Regulation

    AL0063, 2018, Open Parliaments

  55. Administrative Training and Organization

    MO0003, 2018, Open Regulations

  56. Transparent Governance

    TBI0009, 2018, Justice

  57. Citizen Consultation on Public Policies

    MO0023, 2018, Open Parliaments

  58. Public Service Framework

    MO0008, 2018, Public Participation

  59. Charaka Portal

    MO0013, 2018, Fiscal Openness

  60. Consultative Process

    MO0014, 2018, Public Participation

  61. Setting up an Electronic Platform for “Citizen Participation”

    MO0015, 2018, Public Participation

  62. Transparent and Inclusive Policy Making

    EE0048, 2018, Public Participation

  63. Inclusive Policy-Making

    EE0049, 2018, Open Regulations

  64. Access to Administrative and Environmental Information

    PT0007, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  65. Riigikogu Transparency

    EE0050, 2018, Open Parliaments

  66. ‘Open by Design’ Pilots

    NL0033, 2018, Open Data

  67. Open Data Framework

    TN0037, 2018, Open Parliaments

  68. Citizen Inclusion in Drafting Legislation

    KG0018, 2018, Open Parliaments

  69. Dialogue Between Legislature and Civil Society

    KG0019, 2018, Open Parliaments

  70. Citizen Monitoring of Parliament

    KG0020, 2018, Open Parliaments

  71. Access to Parliament Building for Citizens

    KG0022, 2018, Open Parliaments

  72. Online Administrative Services

    TN0047, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  73. Urban and Rural Land Registers

    BR0107, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  74. Access to Civil Service

    TN0048, 2018, Open Regulations

  75. Climate Change Policy Evaluation

    BR0108, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  76. Making New Zealand’S Secondary Legislation Readily Accessible

    NZ0015, 2018, Open Parliaments

  77. Public Participation in Policy Development

    NZ0016, 2018, Public Participation

  78. Publishing Budget Law

    RS0028, 2018, Fiscal Openness

  79. Official Information

    NZ0018, 2018, Open Parliaments

  80. ePaper

    RS0036, 2018, Open Regulations

  81. e-Notice Board

    RS0037, 2018, Open Parliaments

  82. Single Electronic Portal

    KG0006, 2018, Public Participation

  83. Public Consultation Reform

    ID0100, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  84. Information System, Participatory Communication and Transparency

    SAO0008, 2018, Fiscal Openness

  85. Fight Against Corruption

    SAO0010, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  86. Improve Public Consultation Mechanisms

    FR0044, 2018, Public Participation

  87. Platform for Submitting Petitions

    AM0044, 2018, Open Regulations

  88. Citizen Participation in Reforming Social Security.

    PY0048, 2018, Public Participation

  89. Open Policy Making and Participation in Service Delivery

    SCO0007, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  90. Public-Private Anti-Corruption System

    KR0036, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  91. Public Service Accountability

    SCO0009, 2018, Public Participation

  92. Participatory Formulation of a National Policy to Simplify Procedures.

    PY0052, 2018, Open Parliaments

  93. Public Law Ethics and Integrity

    PY0055, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  94. Citizen Participation in Policy-Making

    KR0042, 2018, Public Participation

  95. Accountability Manual

    PY0056, 2018, Public Participation

  96. Environmental Information

    PY0058, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  97. Installing an Observatory Criminal Justice System. Autonomous Constitutional Bodies

    PY0060, 2018, Open Parliaments

  98. Voluntary Compliance Customs Administration

    KR0048, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  99. Establishment of Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Instruments at the Municipal Level

    DO0049, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  100. Protagonists Young

    PY0064, 2018, Marginalized Communities

  101. Develop Mechanisms to Improve Monitoring of Legislative Management

    PY0066, 2018, Open Parliaments

  102. Promote the Second Phase of the Adaptation Strategy Climate, Through the Model Climate Adaptation (MAC), Participatory and Publishing Open Data.

    GT0086, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  103. Participatory Creation of the Transparency Protocol Resource Management and Emergency Services

    GT0087, 2018, Public Participation

  104. Civil Society Collaboration

    MD0071, 2018, Public Participation

  105. Diaspora Participation

    MD0072, 2018, Public Participation

  106. Creation and Implementation of Comprehensive Strategy on Transparency, Open Government, and Anti-Corruption.

    GT0099, 2018, Open Regulations

  107. Participatory Update of the Social Development and Population Policy

    GT0100, 2018, Marginalized Communities

  108. Observatory of the Legal Framework Governing on Open Government

    CR0051, 2017, Open Regulations

  109. Civic Participation Processes in Government

    IL0023, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  110. Resolution Implementation Reports

    IL0024, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  111. Public Participation in Road Network Projects

    AF0013, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  112. Legislative Monitoring Database

    LR0027, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  113. Beneficial Ownership Registry

    LR0035, 2017, Anti-Corruption

  114. Enhancing Village Government Accountability

    BOJ0002, 2017, Anti-Corruption

  115. Data Publication Standards

    SK0061, 2017, Open Data

  116. Citizen Participation in Environmental Policy and Urban Development

    DE0008, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  117. Developing Efficient Collaborative Legislation Mechanisms.

    MAD0005, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  118. Introduction of Petition System to Tbilisi City Hall, Electronic Petition

    TBI0002, 2017, Open Regulations

  119. Participatory Public Policy

    SK0100, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  120. Citizen-Traingin on Public Policy Making

    SK0101, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  121. State Register of Skills for People with Disabilities

    JAL0003, 2017, Marginalized Communities

  122. Create Engaging Public Policies

    SK0102, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  123. Promote Partnership and Dialogue Between Public Authorities, Citizens and NGOs at National, Regional and Local Level in the Area of Participatory Public Policy-Making.

    SK0105, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  124. Draft Legislation About the Responsibility of Judges

    SK0113, 2017, Justice

  125. Draft Legislation to Ensure Public Scrutiny of Judges

    SK0114, 2017, Justice

  126. Create Draft Legislation to Extend the Right to Recommend Candidates for the Post of Attorney-General.

    SK0116, 2017, Public Participation

  127. Participatory Analysis of Prosecutor's Affairs

    SK0117, 2017, Justice

  128. Opening of Public Information on Disciplinary Procedures for Judges

    AR0036, 2017, Justice

  129. Elaboration of a Bill Funding of Political Parties

    AR0048, 2017, Political Integrity

  130. Improving the Mechanism of Popular Initiative

    AR0055, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  131. Practical Training on Open Government

    AR0056, 2017, Open Regulations

  132. Promotion of Mechanisms to Engage Civil Society in the Audit Cycle

    AR0058, 2017, Anti-Corruption

  133. Perceptions and Representations of People with Disabilities on Service Institutions

    AR0063, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  134. Supporting Everyone’s Possibility to Participate.

    FI0023, 2017, Marginalized Communities

  135. Promotion and Strengthening Policies of Open Government in the Municipalities of the Province

    AR0068, 2017, Open Data

  136. Strengthening Open Government Policies: to Promote Citizen Participation in Chubut

    AR0071, 2017, Public Participation

  137. Participatory Preparation of a Draft Open Government Act Provincial

    AR0077, 2017, Public Participation

  138. Report a Rule

    DK0059, 2017, Public Participation

  139. Technology-Based Citizens' Feedback

    NG0014, 2017, Marginalized Communities

  140. Citizen Participation in the Normative Production of the Executive Branch

    CO0059, 2017, Public Participation

  141. Increase the Power of Intervention of the Municipal Participative Councils in Each Subprefecture (City District), Creating Deliberative Open Sessions to Receive Proposals and Demands from the Citizens.

    SAO0001, 2017, Public Participation

  142. Implementation of the Integrated Information System for Post-Conflict (SIIPO)

    CO0064, 2017, Public Participation

  143. Increasing Participation

    SCO0005, 2017, Marginalized Communities

  144. Provide More Transparent Meeting Information and Minutes.

    SEO0004, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  145. To Give the Parisians Tools to Be Committed

    PAR0002, 2017, Public Participation

  146. Sign Protocols of Operations Where Competence Shall Be Transferred to Municipalities and Regions

    BF0001, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  147. e-Legal Services

    LV0029, 2017, Open Data

  148. Open Data

    LV0030, 2017, Open Data

  149. Citizen’S Folder

    ES0034, 2017, Open Regulations

  150. Regulations for the Transparency Law

    ES0036, 2017, Fiscal Openness

  151. Coordination of the Cadastre and the Land Registry

    ES0038, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  152. Training of Public Employees

    ES0040, 2017, Open Regulations

  153. Civic Engagement in Decision Making

    MN0024, 2016, Lobbying

  154. Create Public Consultation Mechanism

    LT0020, 2016, Public Participation

  155. Enable Open Dialogue and Open Policy Making

    CA0061, 2016, Public Participation

  156. Strategy for Participation

    IT0036, 2016, Public Participation

  157. Establishment of Electronic Registry for Public Notification and Consultation

    AL0047, 2016, Public Participation

  158. Gov.Wales

    UK0086, 2016, Public Participation

  159. Commitment to Publish Online Central and Local Government Legislation in Open Systems and for Free

    AL0050, 2016, Public Participation

  160. Code of Practice in Supply Chains

    UK0087, 2016, Labor

  161. Transparent Milan: Public Agenda of Meetings of Public Decision-Makers

    IT0050, 2016, Lobbying

  162. Policy Citizenship Education Plan

    CL0036, 2016, Open Regulations

  163. Strengthening Participation, Transparency and Decentralization of Trade Negotiations Conducted by Direcon, by Building Networks with Stakeholders at National Level and Implementation of Digital Interactive Platform.

    CL0047, 2016, Public Participation

  164. More Inclusive Policy-Making on a Central Government Level

    EE0042, 2016, Open Regulations

  165. Framework Law on Open & Participative Governance

    GR0031, 2016, Open Regulations

  166. Training Civil Servants on Public Participation

    NL0025, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  167. Social Participation in Federal Government’S Planning Cycle

    BR0097, 2016, Public Participation

  168. Public Agency Consultation Guidlines

    ID0048, 2016, Public Participation

  169. Transparent regulations

    IT0068, 2016, Open Regulations

  170. Guidelines for Senate consultations

    IT0072, 2016, Public Participation

  171. Strengthened Village Governance

    ID0062, 2016, Fiscal Openness

  172. Standardization of Transparency Practices in the Decision-Making Procedures

    RO0034, 2016, Public Participation

  173. Public Monitoring of Services in Semarang

    ID0083, 2016, Public Participation

  174. Access to Information on DPRD

    ID0084, 2016, Fiscal Openness

  175. Data Governance of DPRD

    ID0085, 2016, Fiscal Openness

  176. Infrastructure for Fublic Information Disclosure

    ID0086, 2016, Open Regulations

  177. Information Through Jakarta.Go.Id Portal

    ID0088, 2016, Fiscal Openness

  178. Public Participation in Development Planning

    ID0091, 2016, Fiscal Openness

  179. Citizen Participation in Public Policy Design.

    PY0029, 2016, Fiscal Openness

  180. Portal for Community Decisions.

    AM0031, 2016, Public Participation

  181. Citizen Groups Government Service Design

    KR0029, 2016, Fiscal Openness

  182. Administrative Service Decentrilisation and Improvement

    UA0057, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  183. Citizens Budget

    DO0040, 2016, Fiscal Openness

  184. Draft Law on Public Consultations

    UA0068, 2016, Open Parliaments

  185. Development of E-Democracy.

    UA0069, 2016, Political Integrity

  186. Public Participation

    AU0015, 2016, Public Participation

  187. Support Public Participation Networks

    IE0032, 2016, Public Participation

  188. Improve Access to Justice: Reducing Costs

    IE0033, 2016, Justice

  189. Improve Access to Justice: Framework to Assist Vulnerable Persons

    IE0034, 2016, Justice

  190. Participative Policy-Making Process

    MD0066, 2016, Public Participation

  191. Improve the Institute of Public Hearing in the Drafting of Laws

    RS0023, 2016, Public Participation

  192. Development of a Monitoring and Assessment System of the Government Policy and Legislative Acts

    GE0049, 2016, Public Participation

  193. Establishing Unified Regulations to Publish Court Decisions

    GE0051, 2016, Justice

  194. Advancement of the Consultation Process with Stakeholders in the Policy Creating Process

    MK0087, 2016, Public Participation

  195. ATI on Legislation

    IL0020, 2015, Open Regulations

  196. Civic Participation Tools

    IL0021, 2015, Public Participation

  197. Civic Participation

    IL0022, 2015, Public Participation

  198. Citizen’S Participation

    GH0016, 2015, Public Participation

  199. Transparency in Public Sector Lobbying by Third Parties

    HU0008, 2015, Anti-Corruption

  200. Legislative Public Consultation Website

    HU0011, 2015, Public Participation

  201. Improve Searchability of Municipal Council Records

    HU0012, 2015, Open Regulations

  202. Participatory Policy-Making

    SK0044, 2015, Public Participation

  203. Workshops on Public Involvement in Policymaking

    SK0045, 2015, Public Participation

  204. Evaluate Policy Creation

    SK0049, 2015, Public Participation

  205. Map Legislative Environments

    SK0050, 2015, Open Parliaments

  206. Increase Transparency of Trade Policy and Negotiations

    US0074, 2015, Labor

  207. Open Procedures

    FI0021, 2015, Lobbying

  208. Expand Public Participation in the Development of Regulations

    US0077, 2015, Public Participation

  209. Engage Children, Youth, Elderly

    FI0022, 2015, Public Participation

  210. Reform Participatory Mechanisms

    FR0016, 2015, Public Participation

  211. Portal Drafting Legislature and Development of Planning Documents

    LV0019, 2015, Open Parliaments

  212. Citizen Participation Policy of the Judiciary

    CR0040, 2015, Justice

  213. Consulting Canadians

    CA0041, 2014, Marginalized Communities

  214. Encouraging Public Participation

    LT0009, 2014, Public Participation

  215. Participa!

    IT0017, 2014, Public Participation

  216. Equip Public Administrations (PA) for Participation

    IT0018, 2014, Public Participation

  217. Visualisation of the Policy Making Process

    EE0016, 2014, Public Participation

  218. Upgrading Participation Channels

    EE0017, 2014, Public Participation

  219. Improving Government Website

    EE0018, 2014, Public Participation

  220. Early Notice on Policy-Making Processes

    EE0020, 2014, Public Participation

  221. To Create a Civil Society Board

    TT0010, 2014, Public Participation

  222. Strengthening of Mechanisms for Citizen Participation (Law 20,500)

    CL0026, 2014, Open Regulations

  223. Participation in Early Stage Policy-Making

    EE0021, 2014, Public Participation

  224. Early Access to Tax Policy Decisions

    EE0022, 2014, Public Participation

  225. Better Feedback Mechanism

    EE0023, 2014, Public Participation

  226. Selecting and Funding Participation Projects

    EE0024, 2014, Civic Space

  227. Public Participation in Decision Making

    GR0013, 2014, Public Participation

  228. Web Tool for Submission of Collective Memoranda

    EE0025, 2014, Open Parliaments

  229. Civil Servant Guidelines for Participation

    EE0026, 2014, Public Participation

  230. Training Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

    EE0027, 2014, Public Participation

  231. Enhancing People Participation in the Decision-Making Process

    TN0010, 2014, Public Participation

  232. Improve Public Participation in Development Planning

    ID0040, 2014, Public Participation

  233. Dialogue Channels and Citizen Participation

    PY0021, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  234. Improve Government Rules on CSO Involvement

    UA0031, 2014, Public Participation

  235. Public Awareness on the Lawmaking Activity of State Governance Bodies

    AM0023, 2014, Open Parliaments

  236. Public Participation Law

    UA0034, 2014, Public Participation

  237. Improved Civic Participation in Consultative Councils

    BG0029, 2014, Public Participation

  238. Strengthening the Culture of Citizen Participation in Uruguay

    UY0019, 2014, Open Regulations

  239. Law on Administrative Procedure

    UA0045, 2014, Open Regulations

  240. e-Petitions

    UA0055, 2014, Justice

  241. Open Data for Policy Analysis

    UY0033, 2014, Fiscal Openness

  242. Strengthening the Rules for Work and Use of ENER

    MK0038, 2014, Open Regulations

  243. Capacity Building of Civil Society Organizations to Monitor the Implementation of Policies

    MK0041, 2014, Open Regulations

  244. Increase Citizen Participation at Local Level. Pilot Approach to Implementation of Public Participation Networks

    IE0018, 2014, Private Sector

  245. Greater Public Awareness and Use of Participatory Policy Making Through the Internet Portal e-Democracy by the Institutions, Companies, Chambers, Civil Society and Citizens

    MK0043, 2014, Public Participation

  246. Provide Legal Base for Public Participation Framework in Local Government

    IE0019, 2014, Open Regulations

  247. Raising Awareness Among Civil Servants.

    MD0051, 2014, Open Data

  248. Improved Implementation of the Code of Good Practice for the Participation of Civil Society in the Policy Making Process

    MK0045, 2014, Public Participation

  249. Support Children and Young People as Citizens. Develop, Finalise and Publish the First Government Strategy on Children and Young People's Participation in Decision-Making.

    IE0021, 2014, Marginalized Communities

  250. Adopting New Public Consultations Principles.

    MD0058, 2014, Public Participation

  251. Improving Online Participation Platform

    MD0060, 2014, Public Participation

  252. Cooperation with Civil Society Organizations in Public Policymaking

    RS0011, 2014, Civic Space

  253. Create Regulation That Repeals Decisions Made Without Due Participation of Citizens and Contradict Public Interests, as Well as Hold the Officials at Fault Accountable.

    MN0019, 2014, Open Regulations

  254. Deliver the Draft Laws, Acts, Amendments and Administrative Rules to Public Attention in Due Time. in Particular, Create an Opportunity for People to Access Such Information from “Public Service Online Machines”, Citizens Chambers, and the Public Libraries at Each Provincial Level.

    MN0020, 2014, Open Regulations

  255. Sciencewise

    UK0058, 2013, Public Participation

  256. Publication of Draft Legislation

    UK0059, 2013, Open Parliaments

  257. Development of a Methodology for Social Participation on the Monitoring of the Pluriannual Plan (PPA) and on the Formulation of the Federal Public Budget

    BR0034, 2013, Fiscal Openness

  258. Public Review and Public Consultation

    NO0020, 2013, Public Participation

  259. Improve Public Participation in Government

    US0027, 2013, Public Participation

  260. Declaration of Principles for Interaction and Dialogue with NGOs

    NO0043, 2013, Civic Space

  261. Open Announcements and Notifications

    NL0015, 2013, Open Regulations

  262. Brazilian Portal for Social Participation

    BR0076, 2013, Public Participation

  263. Further Expand Public Participation in the Development of Regulations

    US0045, 2013, Public Participation

  264. Clear and Transparent Regulation

    MX0039, 2013, Open Regulations

  265. Access Rules

    MX0040, 2013, Open Regulations

  266. Increasing the Number of Open and Online Meetings

    FI0006, 2013, Open Regulations

  267. Mainstream Citizen Participation in the Public Sector

    ZA0011, 2013, Open Regulations

  268. Participatory Environmental Protection

    MX0062, 2013, Public Service Delivery

  269. Encourage the Use of the Platform "In Time"

    CR0004, 2013, Open Regulations

  270. Develop a Manual for the Use of Social Networks in Public Institutions in Costa Rica

    CR0018, 2013, Open Regulations

  271. Open Regulation: Federal Regulators to Post Forward Regulatory Plans

    CA0028, 2012, Open Regulations

  272. Open Regulation: Simplify Engagement Activities

    CA0029, 2012, Private Sector

  273. Participatory Policy Making

    SK0011, 2012, Public Participation

  274. Quantitative and Qualitative Development of Relations with Citizens and PA Stakeholders

    IT0006, 2012, Open Regulations

  275. Participatory Policy Making

    SK0014, 2012, Public Participation

  276. Collective e-Petitions

    SK0015, 2012, Open Regulations

  277. Collective e-Petitions – Draft Amendment

    SK0016, 2012, Open Regulations

  278. Drafting a New Law on "Notice and Consultation"

    AL0018, 2012, Public Participation

  279. Established Online Platform for e-Petitions

    ME0019, 2012, Open Regulations

  280. Citizens’ Website

    TZ0003, 2012, Open Regulations

  281. Integration of Impact Assessment Into the Process of Public Engagement

    EE0009, 2012, Open Regulations

  282. Promoting Citizen Participation

    CL0016, 2012, Public Participation

  283. Bills on Citizen Participation: Communal Plebiscites

    CL0017, 2012, Open Parliaments

  284. Utilities Regulation

    CO0005, 2012, Open Regulations

  285. Monitoring Citizen Participation

    CO0011, 2012, Public Participation

  286. Develop a Citizen Participation Guideline

    ZA0006, 2012, Open Regulations

  287. Engaging Citizens and Other Concerned Parties in Policy-Making Processes – Www.Regulation.Gov.Tr

    TR0006, 2012, Public Participation

  288. Laws on Public Participation

    UA0001, 2012, Civic Space

  289. Amendments to Resolutions on Collaboration with Civil Society

    UA0003, 2012, Public Participation

  290. Training for Public Servants on Consultations

    UA0004, 2012, Public Participation

  291. Improving Consultation Practices with the Business

    BG0013, 2012, Private Sector

  292. Use e-People to Promote Public Input in Policy Development

    KR0003, 2012, Public Participation

  293. Post Information on Draft Policies and Legislations on Www.Particip.Gov.Md

    MD0009, 2012, Public Participation

  294. Www.E-Demokratija.Gov.Mk - on Line Tool for Participatory Policy Making

    MK0002, 2012, Public Participation

  295. Development of an Online Petition Portal

    MD0010, 2012, Open Regulations

  296. Introduction of Online Petitions

    MK0003, 2012, Open Regulations

  297. Web-Based Petitions System

    UA0025, 2012, Open Regulations

  298. E-Citizen Participation

    UY0004, 2012, Public Participation

  299. Tools for Public Participation in Rulemaking

    DO0012, 2012, Open Regulations

  300. Public Engagement Model

    LV0005, 2012, Public Participation

  301. Lobbying Law

    LV0011, 2012, Lobbying

  302. Promotion of Social Networks to Facilitate Citizen Participation

    ES0006, 2012, Public Service Delivery

  303. Website For Public Participation

    LV0017, 2012, Public Participation

  304. Streamlining Environmental Assessment Procedures

    ES0011, 2012, Anti-Corruption

  305. Public Participation in Policymaking Processes

    IL0006, 2012, Public Participation

  306. Go Online for All Consultations

    UK0035, 2011, Public Participation

  307. Overhaul the Public Participation Interface on Regulations.Gov

    US0009, 2011, Open Regulations

  308. Launch Expertnet

    US0010, 2011, Public Participation

  309. Launch “We the People”

    US0012, 2011, Open Regulations

  310. Open Source “We the People”

    US0013, 2011, Open Regulations

  311. Develop Best Practices and Metrics for Public Participation

    US0014, 2011, Public Participation