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  1. Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Finance

    AZ0053, 2020, Anti-Corruption

  2. Multilingual Call Operators for Police Services

    PE0097, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  3. Enable Digital Police Reports and Services

    PE0098, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  4. Citizen Security Open Data

    PE0099, 2019, Justice

  5. Co-creation of an Open Data Portal for Anti-Corruption

    JAL0012, 2019, Marginalized Communities

  6. Enterprise Objective

    US0111, 2019, Peace & Security

  7. Open National Defense Data

    GR0068, 2019, Open Data

  8. Implement Community Policing

    BF0014, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  9. Open Platform for Public Security Information

    MX0080, 2019, Gender

  10. Public Engagement in Policymaking

    LV0044, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  11. Coordination to Implement the "Sowing Security" Strategy

    CR0065, 2019, Open Data

  12. Mechanisms of Transparency and Anticorruption

    PY0054, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  13. Voluntary Compliance Customs Administration

    KR0048, 2018, Human Rights

  14. Interactive Map of Mines

    UA0080, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  15. Generating Strategic Goals of Security Sector.

    GT0091, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  16. Citizen Committees to Control Racket in Public Administration

    BF0007, 2017, Anti-Corruption

  17. Capacities of Disciplinary Committees

    BF0008, 2017, Justice

  18. Introduction of a Mobile App as an Alternative Channel to Connect to “112”

    GE0058, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  19. Gender

    SL0012, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  20. "One-Stop-Shop" Pilot Project Within Military Registration Offices

    AM0034, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  21. Combating Corporate Crime

    AU0004, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  22. Transparent Actions in the Integrated Management for Disaster Risk Reduction.

    GT0077, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  23. Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

    UY0069, 2016, Public Participation

  24. Accelerate Open and Good Governance Practices in Law Enforcement

    ID0033, 2014, Justice

  25. Alternative Channels to "112"

    GE0036, 2014, Peace & Security

  26. Create a United Information Database on Law Enforcement Activities, Crimes and Violation Records, and Ensure That the Database Is Accessible to Relevant Bodies.

    MN0016, 2014, Justice

  27. Probity Defense and Asset Recovery

    BR0033, 2013, Anti-Corruption

  28. Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector

    NO0031, 2013, Peace & Security

  29. Formulation and Implementation of the Ministry of Defense’S Information Management Policy

    BR0063, 2013, Records Management

  30. Transform the Security Classification System

    US0030, 2013, Records Management

  31. Implement the Controlled Unclassified Information Program

    US0031, 2013, Peace & Security

  32. Increase Transparency of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Activities

    US0032, 2013, Digital Governance

  33. Security Against Cyberattacks

    PY0002, 2012, Peace & Security

  34. Technology Cares for Safety: ICCMS, Crime Mapping, and Safety in Your Neighbourhood

    GE0011, 2012, Justice

  35. Publication of Statistical Data on Crime

    ES0007, 2012, Justice

  36. Facilitate Access to Specific Databases

    BR0023, 2011, Fiscal Openness

Open Government in action: OAS and Germany support new initiatives in Latin America

The OAS Fellowship on Open Government in the Americas is a regional leadership initiative for the next generation of Open Government activists from public administration, civil society, and the private sector. Between 2015 and 2017, it has built a network of sixty-nine…

Datos abiertos sobre feminicidios en Brasil

  El feminicidio es reconocido a nivel global como una de las manifestaciones más severas de la violencia en contra de las mujeres y Brasil es uno de los países con mayor prevalencia de este crimen. Según “Mapa da Violência”,…

Open Data about femicide in Brazil

  Femicide is recognized globally as one of the harshests manifestations of violence against women - and Brazil is one of the countries with the highest prevalence of that crime. According to ‘Mapa da Violência’, a study published by FLACSO…

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