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  1. Starred commitment Well-Being Duty

    UK0089, 2016, Health

  2. Starred commitment Historical Memory of the Internal Armed Conflict

    CO0054, 2015, Marginalized Communities

  3. Enterprise Objective

    US0111, 2019, Security

  4. Public Safety Data Analysis

    AUS0009, 2019, Public Service Delivery

  5. Open National Defense Data

    GR0068, 2019, Open Data

  6. Reform Promotion System for Police Officers

    AF0025, 2019, Public Participation

  7. Implement Permanent Dialogue Mechanism

    NG0025, 2019, Gender

  8. Human Trafficking Prevention

    UY0104, 2018, Gender

  9. Let Citizens Program

    PY0053, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  10. Mechanisms of Transparency and Anticorruption

    PY0054, 2018, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  11. Open National Priority Data

    KR0046, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  12. A Jury Trial Judges Transparent.

    PY0061, 2018, Civic Space

  13. Interactive Map of Mines

    UA0080, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  14. Strengthen Interagency Coordination and Promote Transparency and Citizen Participation in the Security Sector.

    GT0090, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  15. Generating Strategic Goals of Security Sector.

    GT0091, 2018, Public Service Delivery

  16. Public-Police Partnership Councils

    AF0004, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  17. Feedback Mechanism to Build Accountability of the LNP

    LR0031, 2017, Justice

  18. Promote and Spread the Use of Information and Knowledge on Security for Formulating Policies, Plans and Projects on Public Safety

    PE0081, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  19. Design and Implement a Prevention Policy Against Extortions in La Libertad Region with Citizen Participation

    PE0082, 2017, Justice

  20. Strengthen Existing Systems on Trafficking to Improve Care for Victims

    PE0083, 2017, Justice

  21. Intervention Project in the Lomas De Polanco Through Coordination with Local Police and Open Spaces of the Municipality of Guadalajara

    JAL0001, 2017, Justice

  22. Engage Communities in the Fight Against Corruption, Criminality and Illegal Drugs

    PH0043, 2017, Justice

  23. Open in the Change Process Files to Open Government

    AR0038, 2017, Open Data

  24. Promoting Access to Information Through Citizen Services in the Deployment of the Integrated Police Transparency Policy

    CO0068, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  25. Participatory Citizen Security

    LAL0001, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  26. Public Service-Security

    SEK0001, 2017, Public Service Delivery

  27. Specialized Judicial Areas for Economic Crimes

    BF0006, 2017, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  28. Right of Access to Public Information and to Administrative Documents

    BF0010, 2017, Right to Information

  29. Introduction of a Mobile App as an Alternative Channel to Connect to “112”

    GE0058, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  30. Publishing Services and Devices in the Area of ​​Domestic Violence

    UY0090, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  31. Development of Local Councils for Crime Prevention

    GE0059, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  32. Gender

    SL0012, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  33. Access to Justice

    SL0020, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  34. Transparency of Data on Penitentiaries

    IT0032, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  35. Integral and Youth Council for Women

    SV0092, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  36. Improving Local Level Safety

    CZ0021, 2016, Justice

  37. Design and Start Implementing a Path of Action for National Public Policy Enforced Disappearances and Individuals with the Participation of Civil Society and Victims.

    MX0064, 2016, Civic Space

  38. Create a Public Monitoring Mechanism

    MX0065, 2016, Justice

  39. Design and Start Implementing a Path of Action for National Public Policy Enforced Disappearances and Individuals with the Participation of Civil Society and Victims.

    MX0066, 2016, Justice

  40. "One-Stop-Shop" Pilot Project Within Military Registration Offices

    AM0034, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  41. Community Policing System

    UA0067, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  42. Transparent Actions in the Integrated Management for Disaster Risk Reduction.

    GT0077, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  43. Publish Crime Prevention Information System Data

    BG0078, 2016, Justice

  44. Access to Information in the Judiciary

    UY0068, 2016, Public Service Delivery

  45. Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

    UY0069, 2016, Public Participation

  46. Publication of Phone Tapping Data According to the Nature of the Crime and Geographic Area

    GE0054, 2016, Justice

  47. Public Safety/ Law Enforecement Reform

    LR0025, 2015, Justice

  48. Access to Police Mobile App

    HU0013, 2015, Public Service Delivery

  49. Training and Measuring the National Police

    PA0017, 2015, Justice

  50. Public Safety Advisory Councils

    PA0018, 2015, Justice

  51. Transparent Implementation of Community Policing Plan

    SV0064, 2014, Justice

  52. Strengthening Citizen Participation in the System of Public Safety

    HN0046, 2014, Justice

  53. Police Service Offices

    AL0043, 2014, Public Service Delivery

  54. Alternative Channels to "112"

    GE0036, 2014, Security

  55. Interactive Statistics and Crime Mapping

    GE0037, 2014, Justice

  56. Develop and Publish E-Mapping of Crime Occurrence.

    MN0015, 2014, Justice

  57. Create a United Information Database on Law Enforcement Activities, Crimes and Violation Records, and Ensure That the Database Is Accessible to Relevant Bodies.

    MN0016, 2014, Justice

  58. Strengthened Information Exchange for More Efficient Crime Prevention and Combating

    NO0024, 2013, Justice

  59. Enhance Performance Benchmarks for Local Governance

    PH0023, 2013, Justice

  60. Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector

    NO0031, 2013, Security

  61. Formulation and Implementation of the Ministry of Defense’S Information Management Policy

    BR0063, 2013, Records Management

  62. Transform the Security Classification System

    US0030, 2013, Records Management

  63. Implement the Controlled Unclassified Information Program

    US0031, 2013, Security

  64. Increase Transparency of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Activities

    US0032, 2013, Public Participation

  65. Development of an Information System on the Maria Da Penha Law (Law No. 11,340/2006)

    BR0081, 2013, Gender

  66. Redesign of the Current Protection Programs

    BR0083, 2013, Justice

  67. Register of Detainees

    MX0041, 2013, Justice

  68. Database of Missing Persons

    MX0042, 2013, Justice

  69. Public Security Reform under GAN

    HN0022, 2012, Justice

  70. Combatting All Forms of Discrimination: Carry Out Activities Defined in the Signed Memorandum of Cooperation with the NGOs

    ME0047, 2012, Civic Space

  71. Combatting All Forms of Discrimination: Trainings for Police Officers for Professional Conduct with LGBT Persons

    ME0048, 2012, Gender

  72. Combatting All Forms of Discrimination: Trainings for Police Officers Related to Disabled Persons

    ME0049, 2012, Justice

  73. Combatting All Forms of Discrimination: Free-Up Public Traffic Areas Used by Disabled. Define Procedures for Control of Passengers & Vehicles

    ME0050, 2012, Justice

  74. Combatting All Forms of Discrimination: Adjust the Security Centre in Accordance with Disabled Persons’ Needs and Appoint a Contact Person

    ME0051, 2012, Justice

  75. Construction of Safer Roads

    MT0002, 2012, Infrastructure & Transport

  76. Environment

    MT0003, 2012, Water and Sanitation

  77. Security Against Cyberattacks

    PY0002, 2012, Security

  78. Availability of Information Related To: Roads Safety, Air Quality, Safety of Workers

    MK0034, 2012, Infrastructure & Transport

  79. Technology Cares for Safety: ICCMS, Crime Mapping, and Safety in Your Neighbourhood

    GE0011, 2012, Justice

  80. Publication of Statistical Data on Crime

    ES0007, 2012, Justice

  81. Facilitate Access to Specific Databases

    BR0023, 2011, Fiscal Transparency

  82. Data.Gov: Foster Communities on Data.Gov

    US0022, 2011, Public Service Delivery

  83. Publish Protection Resources

    MX0010, 2011, Defending Journalists and Activists

  84. Criminal Investigation Site

    MX0029, 2011, Justice

  85. Publication of Complaints to Attorneys General

    MX0030, 2011, Justice

Open Government in action: OAS and Germany support new initiatives in Latin America

The OAS Fellowship on Open Government in the Americas is a regional leadership initiative for the next generation of Open Government activists from public administration, civil society, and the private sector. Between 2015 and 2017, it has built a network of sixty-nine…

Datos abiertos sobre feminicidios en Brasil

  El feminicidio es reconocido a nivel global como una de las manifestaciones más severas de la violencia en contra de las mujeres y Brasil es uno de los países con mayor prevalencia de este crimen. Según “Mapa da Violência”,…

Open Data about femicide in Brazil

  Femicide is recognized globally as one of the harshests manifestations of violence against women - and Brazil is one of the countries with the highest prevalence of that crime. According to ‘Mapa da Violência’, a study published by FLACSO…

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