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OGP Process: Government Self-Assessment

Participating governments must produce an End-of-term Self-Assessment Report. The report should focus on the final results of reforms completed in the action plan, consultation during implementation, and lessons learned. The development of the End-of-term Self-Assessment Report should follow guidance established…

Paraguay CitizENGAGE

Early Results of Open Government Partnership Initiatives (2018)

This publication series captures ‘early results’ of open government commitments. It can take a long time to see how open government policies materialize into concrete social, economic and political benefits for citizens, but we have learned that the journeys of reformers fighting to bring policies to fruition are critical to understanding the ultimate impact of policies.

Opening Justice

This collaborative guide is a collection of resources for reformers interested in advancing open government and expanding justice. It lays out model commitments, provides a state of play on the growth of the topic in OGP, and collects resources (partners,…

Open Letter on the Anti-Money Laundering Directive of the EU

European and global organisations call on governments to propose as part of 2018 country  National Action Plans (NAP) a commitment to establish an open register on beneficial ownership for companies and trusts in accordance with and going beyond the recently…