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OGP Local Brochure 2021

Why Local? The OGP process provides a unique space to explore local solutions for global challenges. For example, many OGP Local members use their action plans to localize, advance and implement global efforts like the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Open Letter on the Anti-Money Laundering Directive of the EU

European and global organisations call on governments to propose as part of 2018 country  National Action Plans (NAP) a commitment to establish an open register on beneficial ownership for companies and trusts in accordance with and going beyond the recently…

What’s in the OGP Subnational Action Plans (2017)

The development and implementation of Action Plans is at the core of the OGP model. The 15 subnational pioneers submitted their first Action Plans in December 2016 containing over 70 commitments. Given that government and civil society co-create each action…

OGP Research Agenda 2017-2018

OGP is proud to publish its 2017-18 research agenda. This research agenda aims to generate useful tools to directly support reformers in the field while maintaining OGP’s commitment to credible, evidence-based policy. Section I informs potential researchers of the areas…

OGP Research Agenda 2014

OGP's Research Agenda describes existing OGP data and research and outlines specific research questions that are as yet unanswered -  which OGP has identified as important for its work. This is targeted towards academics, think-tanks and independent researchers who are interested…

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