IRM Technical Papers

01 January 2016

The Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) is a key means by which all stakeholders can track progress in OGP countries. The IRM reports annually on each OGP action plan. Each report assesses the development and implementation of individual commitments, the national open government context, and makes recommendations for improvements. Reports aim to stimulate dialogue and promote accountability between governments and their public. Further information on the IRM, indicators, and the IRM process can be found here.

Because it produces so many reports, the IRM also produces a large quantity of data on commitments and processes in each OGP-participating country.  These data are available in open data formats here.

These data can be used to hold governments accountable. They can also can provide insight into how OGP is working as a platform to advance ambitious policy reforms, and can stimulate dialogue and debate. To that end, the IRM periodically authors “synthesis papers” that offer deeper dives into emerging relevant themes, as well as insights into partnership-wide trends. These papers seek to inform curious OGP stakeholders generally (governments, civil society, and the private sector), and inform other data users such as academics and think tanks.

The IRM also has an open door policy for researchers from any background. Staff will assist any organization which wishes to use the IRM data for its own purposes. Past efforts--to name a few--have helped experts in right to information, environment and climate change, regional trends, reporting, legislative openness and access to justice, as well doctoral thesis work, general journalistic reporting.

  • To find out more about where OGP countries are (and are not) making progress on improving action plan development and implementation, read "Beyond the Basics" , the second major IRM technical paper, reviewing action plans from 2012-2015.
  • Read the First IRM Technical Paper for a synthesis of the first 43 IRM reports: "OGP by the Numbers: What the IRM Data Tells Us About OGP Results". The executive summary is available here , and the full technical paper is available here.



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