Provincial Health Services Department Ð Kegalle. Sri Lanka

Countries Have a Long Way to Go before Data Begins to Make a Difference

Few policy areas present the potential for wide-ranging impact as public services. Explore the data behind the OGP Global Report explores how members have made important reforms in water and sanitation, health and education and gaps that still need to be addressed.


Faces of Open Government: Ruth Kendagor

IRM researcher of Elgeyo-Marakwet County, Kenya, Ruth shares notable achievements and pending challenges out of the County.


What’s Next for Open Government in the Nordics

The Nordics top the rankings on good governance, showing strong institutions, rule of law, and high levels of public trust See what they're doing in OGP.


Opening Courts to Address Gender-Based Violence

In Afghanistan, citizens work with the justice sector to set up courts to address gender-based violence cases.


United for an Open Digital Future

Freedom of expression is an important sign of a thriving democracy, including across constantly emerging digital platforms and social media.