Faces of Open Gov – Tari Photo

Faces of Open Government: Siti Juliantari Rachman

Meet Siti Juliantari “Tari” Rachman, an anti-corruption advocate in Indonesia. Tari shares how her interest in fighting corruption began and how she’s supporting Indonesia’s OGP commitment to open up contracting information and publish emergency procurement information on the national procurement portal.


Africa and the Middle East Regional Meeting

The 2022 OGP Africa and the Middle East Regional Meeting is taking place on November 1-3 in Marrakech, Morocco.


Morocco to Host Open Government Regional Meeting

The Kingdom of Morocco and the Open Government Partnership (OGP) are hosting the 2022 OGP Africa and the Middle East Regional Meeting on November 1-3, 2022 in Marrakech, Morocco. 

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State of the Evidence: Open Contracting

Explore empirical evidence on the effects of open contracting on a range of outcomes, including cost savings and efficiency, reducing corruption, improving service delivery, and increasing social inclusion.

School inspection in Kaduna, Nigeria

Why Open Budgets, Contracts, and Ownership are Critical to Delivering Public Services in Africa

Now is the time for governments to invest in reforms that can accelerate and improve how they deliver quality education, healthcare, water and sanitation, and supportive infrastructure.