The Legislative Train, an initiative of the European Commission

Lessons from Reformers: The European Parliament’s Legislative Train

Learn about the European Parliament's Legislative Train, one of many initiatives by the European Commission aimed at making law-making processes more open and effective.

Estonia – Sticky notes

Lessons from Reformers: Estonia Shifts from Online Consultation to Co-Creation

Learn how Estonia is opening up their regulatory processes to citizens through open government reforms.

Photo from the website showing people sorting through files

Lessons from Reformers: Albania Publishes Local Government Legislation Online

Access to government legislation is an essential component of good governance. See how Albanian reformers transformed a fragmented and inefficient system for publishing government legislation into a more accessible and streamlined platform.

Open Response Teal

A Guide to Open Government and the Coronavirus: Protecting Participation and Deliberation

COVID-19 has upended policy agendas across the globe. Governments have paused nonessential legislation and regulation and fast-tracked measures to respond to the pandemic.