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On A Quest to Raise Young Voices

In this episode, Ebenezar Wikina shares how he's dedicated his life to promoting positive change and working to inspire young people to become active participants in shaping their communities.


Faces of Open Government: Diana Rodríguez Franco

See how Diana Rodriguez Franco is working to close the gender gap in Bogota and make the local government more inclusive and participatory.


What’s in the 2022 Local Action Plans

Introduction The Open Government Partnership (OGP) provides an opportunity for government and civil society reformers to make governments more transparent, inclusive, participatory, and accountable. Working together, government and civil society co-create action plans with concrete commitments across a variety of…

Gender and Artificial Intelligence

Three Recommendations for More Inclusive and Equitable AI in the Public Sector

See how OGP members are working to better understand and address the gender-differentiated impacts of algorithms, reduce human biases, and create artificial intelligence programs that are trustworthy, ethical, and inclusive.

Argentina Blog 2

Rethinking Public Policies from a Gender Perspective

Learn about Argentina's efforts to integrate gender and diversity perspectives into Argentina’s fourth open government national action plan as a tool for mainstreaming into future open government commitments.