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Advancing the Open Gov Challenge

Welcome to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) webinar on the Open Government Challenge! In this pre-recorded session, we delve into innovative approaches to open government and explore inspiring examples from the Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Costa Rica, and Finland. Join us as…


An Opportunity to Strengthen the Open Government Ecosystem in Brazil

Discover how the Brazilian Open Government Network (RGBA) is driving impactful change across federal, state, and local levels, fostering collaboration and innovation in governance practices.

Glencorse ICAC May 2019

Faces of Open Government: Blair Glencorse

In May's Faces of Open Government, Blair underscores civil society's vital role in shaping and implementing open government.

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Open Government Challenge Areas

Through OGP’s 2023-2028 strategy, the open government community identified open government areas that can strengthen our democracies and improve our communities. Each of the areas listed below has a head line challenge and suggested actions and reforms to advance the…


Submitting Actions to the Open Gov Challenge

[HERO IMAGE] [TITLE]: Open Gov Challenge Submission Form [INTRO Join hundreds of reformers around the world – in government and civil society – who are working to make their communities stronger, more open, participatory, inclusive, and accountable. Let us meet…