How Open Government Helps Countries Withstand COVID-19

COVID-19 disrupted the globe in unprecedented ways, forcing people and organizations in all corners of the world to adjust to a new reality. OGP was no exception.


Paving the Way for Strong Implementation: Introducing the IRM’s First Action Plan Reviews

In recent years, we’ve been working to answer the community’s call for a bolder and more engaging IRM through the IRM Refresh. Now, we’re excited to share the first of a series of new products – the Action Plan Review. 


Cracking Co-Creation: The Why, the How and the What

As we mark 10 years since OGP’s founding, making sure 2021 action plans are born out of an inclusive co-creation process and reflect societal needs is as crucial as ever.

Whistleblower Employee

Open Government Reforms Need to Protect Whistleblowers

At its heart, whistleblowing is about speaking up against wrongdoing and corruption. See what OGP members have done to protect whistleblowers.

Estonia – Sticky notes

Lessons from Reformers: Estonia Shifts from Online Consultation to Co-Creation

Learn how Estonia is opening up their regulatory processes to citizens through open government reforms.