Namati – Legal Aid

Lessons from Reformers: Legal Aid

Learn how OGP members are improving access to and the quality of legal aid.

GLOW Indonesia

GLOW: Open Parliaments Prove Their Strength In An Unprecedented Year

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the heightening climate crisis to an increase in authoritarian overreach, 2020 has sorely tested the strength of democracies globally. Even while the world continues to reel from the effects of these multiple threats, at least…

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Lessons from Reformers: Sierra Leone Improves Compliance with Audit Reports

Read how reformers in Sierra Leone are strengthening auditing bodies to reduce corruption in planning and spending.

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Lessons from Reformers: Sierra Leone Publishes Corporate Tax Incentives

Read how reformers in Sierra Leone are working to address tax revenue losses through greater transparency and public accountability.

People take precautions in Mali against COVID-19

Leveraging OGP for a Transparent COVID-19 Response in Africa

Like governments around the world, African countries have shifted enormous resources to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Given such massive spending, fiscal transparency is more important than ever to minimize financial mismanagement and corruption.