Table and chair in the courtroom of the judiciary.

Lessons from Reformers: Transparency and Accountability of Prosecutors

Learn how governments are taking steps to improve prosecutorial transparency and accountability.

Eastern Partnership OR + OR Webinar

What Next for Open Government in the Eastern Partnership Countries?

Eastern Partnership reformers share key open government achievements in the region, discuss challenges, and provide recommendations for moving forward based on recently published IRM reports. Watch the recording...

Friends walking in Telliskivi Rasmus Jurkatam

Citizens and Governments as Partners for a Vibrant Democracy

Openness, engagement, and transparency, are key to bridging the gap between people and administrators.

Old ruins of castle in Ohrid, Macedonia

Seven OGP Countries Addressing Assembly

Lessons from Reformers: The European Center for Not-for-profit Law (ECNL), an innovative project on freedom of assembly, assessed seven OGP countries in Central and Eastern Europe for relevant law and practices between 2017 and 2019.

Growing Momentum for Opening Government with Access to Justice and Legal Empowerment

Access to justice and legal empowerment are increasingly viewed as essential elements of open government. They’re vital components for participation and inclusion. The Tbilisi Global Summit included enthusiasm for justice and open government not present in previous meetings; multiple sessions…