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Self-Assessment Process

During the two-year NAP cycle, governments will produce yearly Self-Assessment Reports in consultation with civil society. The Self-Assessment Reports are a key element of the Independent Report Mechanism, OGP’s accountability arm and the main means of tracking progress in participating countries. The national IRM researchers use the government Self-Assessment Reports as a key part of their desk research. Other OGP stakeholders use the Self-Assessment Reports to gain an understanding of the government’s perspective on the OGP process and results achieved over the course of the year.

The two Self-Assessment Reports will complement one another, differing primarily in the time period covered. The midterm self-assessment should focus on the development of the NAP, the consultation process, the relevance and ambitiousness of the commitments, and progress to date. The end-of-term self-assessment should focus on the final results of the reforms completed in the NAP, consultation during implementation, and lessons learned.

The development of the Self-Assessment Reports must include a two-week public consultation period.

Self-Assessment Reports must be submitted to the Support Unit in both the administrative language of the country and English.

You can refer to more information about developing a Self-Assessment Report in chapter 7 of the Point of Contact Manual (Español).


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