Digital Planning Seminar: Living in Digital Environments

On Thursday October 25th 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fundación CiGob - Development of Science and Methods of Government along with Thinknet conducted a workshop about Digital Planning, which brought together experts and referents from the public sector related to the incorporation of ICTs in governance.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss about the importance of creating common rules allowing coexistence in digital environments. Moreover, the experts reflected about the importance of building codes that allow to reuse public data securely, and allows governments to generate more efficient responses to citizens. Finally, it is important that this reflection contemplates the respect for diversity that may occur in the reuse of the data, or what we call the "last mile".

As a result of this meeting, we made a Manifesto (available in both English and Spanish) expressing a commitment on the part of those who are part of the activity, for the challenges we take in our work to move towards open government.

Authors: Fundacion CiGob
Topics: Open Data