News from Romania - CSOs participating on the draft of action plans

Soros Foundation Romania has been involved in the drafting of the action plan for Romania since December 2011, organizing the first meeting on the subject. An informal coalition of NGOs active in the fields of transparency, good governance and free access to public sector information has been created in order to monitor the drafting and implementation of the action plan, as well as the respect of open data principles. The Ministry of Justice, the institution responsible with the drafting of the action plan, has organized a series of meetings since the beginning of 2012, bringing together the civil society and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society and the General Secretariat of the Government. The commitments made by the ministries concern mostly e-governance and not so much open data. A draft of the action plan was made available for the civil society input until March 19th.

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