Openness video with Ukrainian subtitles!

Про Партнерство "Відкритий Уряд"

We are pleased to present the Ukrainian subtitles to the video about the Open Government Partnership directed by Harry R. Calbom & The Academy. The video provides us with examples of different approaches to tackling corruption from around the world. For instance, in Brazil, representatives of the government post reports on the budget expenses on the internet throughout the day; in Latvia, thousands of people sign bills online which then come directly to parliament. Today, around 50 countries have joined the international initiative "Open Government Partnership", including Ukraine. To better the understanding of the importance of this international initiative by both authorities and ordinary Ukrainians, the OGP Civic Partnership presents the video in Ukrainian, which was kindly translated by the Bibliomist Program in Ukraine.    

Authors: Oleksii Khmara
Filed Under: OGP News
Tags: E-petitions