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02 budget transparency and public procurement

2. Increase budgetary transparency and of public procurement
Lead implementing agency/actor Ministry of Finance, Public Property Agency
Commitment description
What is the public problem that the commitment will address? Budgetary transparency and transparency of public procurement are high importance topics and are often discussed by the community –at-large. Public procurement is a system where public needs meet private offers, and is a sphere with huge corruption risks. Good regulation and transparent procedures are necessary to minimize these risks, along with creating a market of tenders that makes government procurements effective and fosters competition at the same time. The citizen should be informed about use of public financial resources, understand the main budgetary documents and have access to data online.
What is the commitment? Commitment refers to improve budgetary transparency and transparency of public procurement. The commitment includes activities aiming at facilitating the understanding of the main budgetary documents, ensuring availability of data online, including via BOOST database and publication of reports about public procurement contracts monitoring.
How will the commitment contribute to solve the public problem? The implementation of the commitment will contribute to an increased level of understanding of budgetary process and the ways public money is spent.
Why is this commitment relevant to OGP values?

  • Access to information;
  • Civic participation
    Milestone Activity with a verifiable deliverable Responsible authority Deadline Progress indicators
    Drafting and publishing on the official website of the Ministry of Finance the budget for citizens after the adoption of Budget Law by the Parliament and the budget execution report for citizens Ministry of Finance Annual Budget for citizens and report on budget execution for citizens published
    Updating the BOOST Public Expenditure Database to facilitate access to budget execution information Ministry of Finance Quarter II, annual Updated database
    Publishing information on budget planning and execution, public procurement and sectorial spending strategies on public authorities’ websites Ministries, other central administrative authorities, public institutions Annual Published information
    Ensuring publication of the
    Reports on public procurement contracts monitoring Ministry of Finance,
    Public Procurement Agency Annual Developed and published report