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02 Transparency of Public Procurement

Enhance transparency regarding the effectiveness and quality of public services working with users
Lead institution(s):
Ministry of Public Action and Accounts
Other stakeholders:
Interministerial Department for Public Transformation (DITP)
All ministries; all public services working with users
New commitment
OGP principles with which the commitment is associated:
Transparency, accountability
Few government departments publish satisfaction survey results. This lack of transparency regarding the quality of service provided does not make it possible to showcase the professional dedication of public officials or align improvement action with the situation on the ground.
Between now and 2020, all government departments working with users will publish indicators bearing on service quality and results, and especially user satisfaction, to be updated at least once a year, so as to give citizens access to transparent information.
Users will be able to voice their views. This will help to restore citizens’ trust in government, to improve the quality of services provided to users – not least with a view to more effectively tailoring improvement action – and to cement the role played by public services in nurturing a culture of effectiveness. In this way, citizenry as a whole will have access to the same level of information.
Promotion of methods and development of user satisfaction assessment tools
Efforts ongoing until end 2020

  • Trial of digital mechanisms for gathering and processing users’ suggestions and opinions
    2019 All public services working with users will be accountable for the quality of the services they deliver, by displaying the performance and satisfaction indicators in physical venues and on websites providing digital services
    End 2020