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03 Transparency of Development Aid

Improving transparency in public development aid
The conclusions reached by the 2011 Busan High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness call on donor countries to increase traceability and efficacy of development aid. For France, transparency in public aid, combined with its better foreseeability, meets a democratic need for accountability, understanding and legitimacy of French development cooperation policies. Such transparency is also beneficial as it improves aid effectiveness and limits cases of corruption.
Improving accessibility of data on public development aid and widening the scope of published data (geographical areas, players, etc.)
The Interministerial Committee meeting of 30 November 2016 highlighted France’s commitment to “improving the transparency and accountability of French aid” (Focus V).
Information on operational deployment of aid is made available systematically in the Creditor Reporting System (CRS) managed by the OECD. Budgetary information and public development aid performance indicators may be consulted on the performance- platform.
In order to facilitate reuse, raw data on Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) and Agence française de développement (AFD) development projects are openly published on the platform as well as on a single platform (http://www.transparence-, proactively compared with data published by the OECD.
This single platform provides better clarity of data, enabling users to view projects implemented by France on a map via a geolocation tool. Users can also find each project’s characteristics (implementation date, description, type of aid and financial data) on the site.
France is therefore continuing its efforts and making further progress with regard to transparency and accountability in its development and international solidarity policy, in order to meet the highest standards, both in the Development Aid Committee and for other initiatives, the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) in particular.
Complementing reports on accountability and information on France’s action with regard to aid, the following actions are proposed:
widening the scope of data currently published;
France National action plan – 2018-2020
publishing new data associated with transparency in public development aid;
improving clarity of information on transparency in public development aid.
The road map in detail


Extending publication of data on public development aid to new geographical areas (MEAE)
S1 2019 Publishing data on public development aid provided by new players such as Proparco (AFD)
S2 2019
Merging publication of data on a single platform
S2 2018
Publishing data on the impact and/or results of AFD projects
S2 2018
Continuing to provide the OECD’s Development Aid Committee with data for publication of quality data in compliance with the OECD’s latest standards S2 2018-S1 2019