1. Coordination in the Production and Publication of Data in an Open State

    BUE0002, 2017, Capacity Building

  2. Starred commitment Comprehensive Portal Providing Information and Channel Report on Sexual and Reproductive Health in the City of Buenos Aires.

    BUE0004, 2017, Access to Information

  3. Map of Infrastructure in Schools

    BUE0005, 2017, Education

  4. Sustainable Mobility: open planning based on user experience

    BUE0017, 2018, Access to Information

  5. Strengthen the reuse of open data and the community

    ARBA0002, 2021, Access to Information

  6. Forum for the articulation and coordination of access to public information and transparency of the three branches of the State

    ARBA0001, 2021, Access to Information

  7. Open data and participation in the Legislature.

    BUE0009, 2018, Access to Information

  8. Open Courts (Laboratory of Judicial Innovation)

    BUE0010, 2018, Access to Information

  9. Mi Subte BA (My underground - Buenos Aires)

    BUE0018, 2018, Access to Information

  10. Participation of children and adolescents as subjects of rights in the design of public policies

    ARBA0006, 2022, Inclusion

  11. Plain Language: a tool to guarantee simple, fast and effective communication between the State and citizens

    ARBA0004, 2022, Capacity Building